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Week 19 2012: Houston Texans @ New England Patriots - The Rematch

All you need to know about the rematch between the Houston Texans and the New England Patriots.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT!

Be there, or be fashionably late. Bring booze.

Texans Daily Links: 1/14/13

Links about football and stuff.

Gary Kubiak Speaks

This week, Kubes tries to put the season ending in perspective.

The Peak of the Matt Schaub Era

It happened.

Texans Heroes & Goats: Praise, Blame To Go Around

Battle Red Blog does a namaste and wonders if the Bulls will ever Parade again.

Hair of the Dog: Mercifully Over

The Texans season is at an end. The Texans did not go out with grace or style, but rather left a legacy like David Carradine. At least it's over. Let the healing begin.

Patriots Eliminate Texans, 41-28

The season is over. Bring on the NFL Draft!

Texans @ Patriots: 4Q Open Thread


Texans @ Patriots: 3Q Open Thread

Shayne Graham has been trolling us for months.

Texans @ Patriots: 2Q Open Thread

If the Texans don't score a TD this quarter, I might just snap.

Texans-Patriots Open Game Thread

What more is there to say? Let's avenge Week 14, boys and girls. It's your first open game thread for the Texans-Patriots divisional playoff game.

Texans @ Patriots: Who Is Not Playing?

Garrett Graham gets green light, good to go.

Seahawks-Falcons Open Thread

Chatter about Russell Wilson, Matt Ryan, and their respective squads as they play to see who advances to the NFC Championship Game.

Counting Down To Texans-Patriots

If you're having problems focusing on anything besides your Houston Texans playing the Patriots with a berth in the AFC Championship Game on the line, this post is for you.

Today's playoff schedule

The Divisional Round of the 2013 NFL Playoffs takes place this weekend, and the Houston Texans will face the New England Patriots. Will Houston be able to come away with a win on the road?

Who Is Actually Picking Houston To Win?

Underdogs? Approximately 99.9% of the nation think the New England Patriots will be marching onto the AFC Championship game after defeating the Houston Texans on Sunday

AFCCG Kickoff Time Set

Whoever wins the Texans-Patriots game tomorrow afternoon gets the pleasure of hosting the Ravens next Sunday, and we know now what time kickoff will be.

Packers-49ers Open Thread

As Green Bay and San Francisco tangle to see who will play the winner of Seahawks-Falcons game in the NFC Championship Game, an open thread awaits your contribution.

Ravens-Broncos Open Thread

As Baltimore and Denver fight to see who gets to play the winner of the Texans-Patriots in the AFC Championship Game, live commentary abounds at BRB.

Texans Named To All-Pro Team

One of 'em was even a unanimous selection.

Texans Daily Links: 1/11/13

Links about football and stuff.

Blitz Brady? No

TDC's Deep Steel Blueprint rings very, very true, says

Texans-Patriots Injury Report: Everyone Plays

Both Rob Gronkowski of the Patriots and Garrett Graham of the Texans are expected to play on Sunday.

Will We See Muddle Huddling On Sunday?

If the Houston Texans want to wear out New England's Vince Wilfork and control the pace, will Gary Kubiak unleash his muddle huddle?

Texans-Patriots Predictions

Make BRB's "Three And Out" the last prediction article you read about Texans-Patriots. That way, you can have a good laugh when absolutely none of it comes to pass on Sunday.

Texans-Patriots Game Watching

What are your plans for watching the Texans as they seek a berth in the AFC Championship Game?

Texans-Patriots Injury Report

The Texans and Patriots are both looking relatively healthy ahead of their Sunday afternoon matchup in Foxborough. Yes, this includes Garrett Graham, thankfully.

How Dominant Is J.J. Watt?

He dominates our hopes and dreams, but where does his 2012 rank?

BRB Round Table: Texans v. Patriots

I asked questions, and your favorite (and least favorite!) BRB staff members answered those questions. The End.

Can Wade Change & Rely On A 4-Man Rush?

Battle Red Blog takes a look at what it may take for Wade Phillips to slow down Tom Brady. Is the key in moving J.J. Watt inside?

Texans Daily Links: 1/9/13

Links about football and stuff.

Garrett Graham's Concussion Confirmed

All the cool alliteration in the world can't cheer me up in the wake of this news.

Bears To Interview Rick Dennison Friday

If you're worried about this somehow being a distraction for the Texans before Sunday's game, it's not exactly unprecedented.

The Film Room: How To Attack The Patriots' Defense

We take a look at how the Houston Texans can put up points against the notorious "bend but don't break" New England defense.

2DH: Remember, Red, Hope Is A Good Thing.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but at least I remembered what was important.

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CT

Food, fun, and fashion, the Patriots' mall has it all. And a football team to boot. Check out Battle Red Radio tonight at 8 p.m. CST.


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