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Week 14 2012: Texans At Patriots - A Big-Time Game For Big-Time Teams

All you need to know about Week 14's prime-time tilt between the playoff bound Houston Texans and New England Patriots.

2DH: Fail & Losing In Boston

Let Dr. Gonzo provide the context. What does it mean? Maybe nothing.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT

Oh yes, we will talk about this. Things will be burned.

AFC Playoff Picture Coming Into Focus

Week 15 should bring some clarity to the muddled AFC playoff picture.

How Many Texans Will We Get On?

Battle Red Blog dredges through a painful G.O.A.T.s to get on all of the Texans. No one avoids the blame.

Hair of the Dog: Kitten

Want to relive the game from last night? Well, read this anyway.

MNF Postgame - Texans at Patriots

We will persevere. We are Texans fans.

MNF Fourth Quarter Thread: Texans v. Patriots

Is it over yet?

MNF Open Thread Third Quarter

Oh God...why?

Texans v. Patriots Second Quarter Open Thread

If you have to ask the purpose of this thread, then you probably shouldn't be using a computer.

Texans-Patriots Live Game Thread

There's no better place to be for Texans-Patriots on Monday Night Football than Battle Red Blog.

Counting Down To Texans-Patriots

Spend the remainder of your workday, and the brief time before the game starts after your workday ends, in BRB's CTK for MNF.

BRBAPALOOZA Tonight: Bring It

Join fellow Texans fans for a Monday Night Football watch party at 360 Sports Lounge tonight.

Texans-Patriots Predictions

Does the fact that the Texans are playing on Monday night affect the accuracy of my predictions? Of course not. They're as awful as ever.

Garrett Graham Out For MNF

The Texans will be missing their second-string tight end when they take on the Patriots tomorrow night.

SNF Open Thread: Lions v. Packers

If nothing else, you can root for Ndamukong Suh to get ejected.

Prelude To MNF: NFL Open Thread, Part II

It's still a Sunday without the Texans. It's not a Sunday without football.

Prelude To MNF: NFL Open Thread, Part I

It's a Sunday without the Texans. It's not a Sunday without football.

Texans Daily Links: 12/8/12

Links about football and stuff.

SNOT: Best Acronym Ever

It stands for Saturday Night Open Thread. How did I not think of this before?

Locker Or Wilson?

If you're voting for Jake Locker, you probably shouldn't be allowed to vote.

Texans-Patriots Game-Watching/BRBAPALOOZA

Kindly confirm that you'll be joining us for a Texans watch party on Monday Night at 360 Sports Lounge in Houston. The honor of your company has been requested.

Battle Red Onion: Watt Pre-Fined for MNF Game

Watt Fined for Illegal Future Hit on Tom Brady.

Blueprint: Bulls On Parade Meet Golden Boy Brady

Can the Bulls-On-Parade slow down the NFL's best offense? Battle Red Blog takes a look at how Wade Phillips may tackle Tom Brady and Wes Welker.

Texans Daily Links: 12/6/12

Links about football and stuff.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings

Wisdom from fools and from sages, all conveniently located in one handy blog post. It's our gift to you!

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 22

Subjectively decide between Jennifer Lawrence and Kat Dennings. These are our readers.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

It's time. Let's do this thing.

Reminder: BRB Live Chat's A Coming

And the best chat of the season's coming with it.

Texans Daily Links: 12/4-12/5

Links about football and stuff.

'Dre Claus Returns Again

Catching touchdown passes, making Christmas a reality for kids who wouldn't have it otherwise...Andre Johnson does it all.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CST!

We await your presence in our glorious weekly radio show. No really, we do. Why are you walking away from us?

Texans Sign Stanford Routt To One-Year Deal

Let's hope this isn't a disaster.

2DH: Infallible, Not Into Failure [UPDATED]

The Texans sweep the Titans. I throw a bunch of number of pictures and inanity into a post. You know the drill by now, people.

Stanford Routt To Try Out For Texans

Brice McCain's out until the Super Bowl (zuh?), and the Texans need a corner. Can't imagine doing much better than Routt in Week 14.

Brice McCain Broke Foot, Had Surgery Today

The Texans' secondary grows thinner.

AFC Home Field Advantage In Play On MNF For Texans

The Texans clinched a playoff berth on Sunday by beating Tennessee, but how could they celebrate an AFC South division championship and home-field advantage on Monday night?


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