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Week 15 2012: Colts at Texans - Looking For A Division Title

Can the Texans bounce back from a humbling defeat and clinch the AFC Southern Division championship?

J.J. Watt Picks Up Another DPOM Award

For the second time in four months, Houston's J.J. Watt is defensive player of the month in the AFC.

J.J. Watt Named DPOW for Second Time in 2012

J.J. Watt wins Defensive Player of the Week. Texans fans believe the award should be named the J.J. Watt Defensive Player of the Week Award.

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CT!

Can anyone on the Texans stop Adrian Peterson? Does it matter if Christian Ponder can't complete a pass longer than 10 yards?

2DH: If I'm Wrong, The Survivors Can Mock Me

The hangover returns to battlefight the Mayans, willful ignorance, Elias, and other stuff.

AFC Playoffs: Week 16 Has A Tale To Tell

Taking a look at the various possibilities in the AFC Playoff picture as Week 16 gets going.

Kubes Speaks (12/17/12)

Take a gander at what Gary Kubiak had to say after his Texans won the AFC South again.

Texans Daily Links: 12/17/12

Links about football and stuff.

G.O.A.T.s: DeVier Posey Shows Progress

This week, Battle Red Blog is getting off of DeVier Posey (kinda) for showing progress while getting on the run defense in preparation for their showdown with All-Day Adrian Peterson.

Hair of the Dog: AFC South Champs, Baby

Hair of the Dog: The Texans and Colts faced off for the division title, while the referees worked out their flag throwing technique in preparation for the post-season. Relive the magic!

SNF Open Thread: Niners v. Patriots

Put on your Jerry Rice jersey, make some Rice-A-Roni, and pound some rice wine. Go 49ers!

Texans - 29, Colts - 17: AFC South Champs Again

Hail! to the Texans valiant!

Open Game Thread: Late Afternoon/No Texans Game

A lack of Texans football is no cause for a lack of football talk. Use this open thread to discuss the late afternoon games on the NFL's slate today.

Texans v. Colts: 4Q Open Thread

/holds up four fingers

Texans v. Colts: 3Q Open Thread

20-10 at the half. You should be drunk by now.

Texans v. Colts: 2Q Open Thread

10-0, Texans. J.J. Watt > Andrew Luck. Andre Johnson > Everything.

Texans-Colts Open Thread

React in real-time to the Texans-Colts game in the open thread at Battle Red Blog.

Counting Down To Colts-Texans

It's Week 15, but it doesn't mean that waiting for Texans kickoff on a Sunday has gotten any easier since Week 1.

SNOT: Katy Wins! Katy Wins! Katy Wins!

Celebrate the latest KHS state title game apperance here. I guess you can talk about other things, if you want, too.

Alan Ball Out Sunday

Brandon Harris in the slot again?

Vote: Welkah or Deckah?

Cast your vote for which WR will have more receiving yards in Week 15.

Texans-Colts Predictions

It's Friday, which means it's time to show that I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about. I guess that's not exactly breaking news.

Texans Reality Check, Plus A Request For Questions

There aren't enough places to get your question answered on this website, so choose this one!

Jim Irsay Is An Inveterate Liar

The title of this post is not a lie.

Texans-Colts Game Watching

See what Texans fans have planned for the game on Sunday.

Texans Daily Links: 12/13/12

Links about football and stuff.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

Let us talk. Just you and I. And anyone else who's reading this.

TNF: Bengals v. Eagles

Open thread goodness for Thursday Night Football.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings Week Fifteen

Even Oracles Get The Blues

Blueprint: Are The Colts The Cure For Houston?

After a devastating loss to New England, can the Texans rebound against the Colts and begin rebuilding their momentum and swagger?

BRB Live Chat Returns Tonight

Set your phasers to fun, people!

2DH: Fail & Losing In Boston

Let Dr. Gonzo provide the context. What does it mean? Maybe nothing.

Battle Red Radio: 8 p.m. CT

Oh yes, we will talk about this. Things will be burned.

Watt's The QB Worth?

The debate, and possibly more puns, rage within.

Texans Daily Links: 12/11/12

Links about football and stuff.

AFC Playoff Picture Coming Into Focus

Week 15 should bring some clarity to the muddled AFC playoff picture.


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