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Week 4 2012: Texans vs. Titans

Battle Red Radio: 7 P.M. Tonight!

We're not saying Kareem Jackson's pick-six was the most important thing to happen since the moon landing -- just the unlikeliest.

The KTFO Award: G-Lover Brings The Special Sauce

It's nearly impossible NOT to win this award when you destroy a QB and a fanbase's hopes at the same time.

Celebrating Kareem Jackson?

No, I haven't been drinking. Why do you ask?

2DH: A Question Mark Walks Into A Bar?

Weekly ruminations on whatever pops into my head, from punctuation usage and random stats to the unstoppable force that is J.J. Watt. Also, BBQ and Biggie and blog criticisms.

Texans Talk After Beating Titans

Read what the good guys had to say after improving their 2012 record to 4-0.

About Kareem's Pick-6, Arian's 400 Potential & 4-0

This week, Battle Red Blog is getting off of Kareem Jackson's back, getting on the growing workload of our favorite pterodactyl, and stopping to smell the Battle Red roses.

The BRB Crew Discusses The Titans-Texans Game

The Houston Texans treated the Tennessee Titans the way Chris Johnson treats expectations. Throughout the game, the BRB crew has a continuous email exchange and we're inviting you to take a peek behind the curtain to see what was said.

J.J. Watt Salutes The Texans: HOU 38, TEN 14

And he's undersold the effort.

Texans vs. Titans: 4th Quarter Open Thread

Texans vs. Titans: 3rd Quarter Open Thread

Texans vs. Titans: 2nd Quarter Open Thread

Game Day On BRB

While away the final minutes to kickoff of Texans-Bud Adams' Army of Darkness here.

Texans Links


Texans Game Watching

Share your plans for, or ask questions about, watching the fourth Texans game of the 2012 season.

Three And Out: Texans v. Bud Adams (Part I)

If you're looking for poorly reasoned predictions about Sunday's Texans-Titans game, this is the post for you.

The Pregame: Important Facts About Texans v Titans

A look at all things relevant to the Texans v. Titans, from weather and betting lines to injuries and reasons to hate the Titans and the state of Tennessee generally.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings

There might not be wings in this post, but there are picks. Are they correct? Probably not,'re not even reading this now are you? You're too busy thinking of wings, aren't you?

This stream has:

Johnathan Joseph's Groin No Longer An Issue

No need to freak out. All's well, people! All's well!

Daily Texans Links

Check out some Texans news from around the internet that you may have missed.

Johnathan Joseph Misses Practice

But no need to freak out. All's well, people! All's well!

Battle Red Radio Tonight!

It's Tuesday night, so you know what time it is: time to talk about another Texans win! Wow, that felt so weird to write. And hey, I think I'm suddenly finding the northeast tolerable. Oh God, I'm infected.

Houston Texans Injury Report: WR LeStar Jean To Miss Sunday's Game Versus Tennessee

Houston Texans wide receiver LeStar Jean will miss Sunday's game with the Tennessee Titans due to a meniscus issue.


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