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Week 5 2012: Texans at Jets - Monday Night Delight

Matt Slauson Fined for Cushing Block

And my heart is still broken.

GIFs: Key Moments From Houston's MNF Win

Battle Red Blog takes a look at key plays from this past Monday's Monday Night Football victory in GIF form.

Battle Red Radio: Tonight! 7 P.M. CT!


Houston Raises McCain But Loses Play-Action Passes

This week, Battle Red Blog gets off Brice McCain but gets on the case of the disappearing play-action passes.

Hair of the Dog: Discussing the Texans-Jets Game

If BRB had an inner dialogue, this would be it.

This stream has:

What's Cushing's Status After Injuring His Knee?

Brian Cushing left Monday Night's game in the second quarter with a knee injury.

Texans LB Cushing injures knee, status unknown

Brian Cushing left Monday Night's game in the second quarter with a knee injury. His status is currently unknown.

Texans Scratch & Swatt Their Way Past The Jets

Houston moves to 5-0 for the first time in franchise history as they beat the Jets, also for the first time in franchise history, on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

MNF Fourth Quarter Open Thread

It's the fourth quarter. How is this not self-explanatory?

Watt Swatts And Keeps Houston In The Lead

We head to the 3rd Quarter with Houston leading New York 17-7. This is Battle Red Blog's real-time chat for Monday Night Football.

MNF Second Quarter Open Thread

In which we look at the sky, ponder its fallability, and pray to J.J. Watt.

Texans-Jets Open Game Day Thread (MNF)

Your Texansless Sunday has turned into a Texansful Monday night. Rejoice and comment in the first of the BRB game thread for Monday Night Football!

Countdown To Kickoff: MNF v. Jets

Get here already, Monday Night Football. Signed, Texans fans

Ben Tate To Miss MNF

Adam Schefter says no Ben Tate for the Texans in New Jersey tonight.

MNF Predictions? Yeah, We've Got Those

It's not a real Texans game if BRB isn't making outlandish and completely inaccurate predictions. Plus, it's Monday Night Football, so the stakes of idiocy and embarrassment have been raised.

The Pregame: Trash Talking the NY Jets

Whether you want to hate the Jets or just talk trash, The Pregame has you covered.

Texans Daily Links: 10/6-10/7

Get two days full of Texans news and notes in one place.

Matt Schaub, New York Jet?

Apparently, it could have happened, according to a recent article on

Texans-Jets Watch Plans

Where are you watching the Texans' 2012 primetime debut on Monday night?

Week 5: Pickin' Winners And Wings

We throw mental darts at a board to determine which team will win in a given week. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn't. This week, I lay out who I'll be picking while I'm on vacation in a major city in Nevada.

Deep Steel Blueprint: What's Houston's MNF Plan?

With four games under our belt, the Deep Steel Blueprint begins to detail how the Texans can move the ball on offense and how the Jets may try and attack Houston's Bulls On Parade.

Texans-Related Links

For October 4, 2012.

Battle Red Radio: 7 P.M. Tonight!

We're not saying Kareem Jackson's pick-six was the most important thing to happen since the moon landing -- just the unlikeliest.

BRB Links: 10/03/12

The title says it all.

John Beck Released

Troy Nolan's return mean John Beck's departure.

Featured Fanshot

Report: Santonio Holmes Believed To Be Lost For Season With Apparent Lisfranc Injury

We're all too familiar with that injury as Texans fans. Holmes wasn't going to be playing on Monday night anyway, but it looks like things have progressed from bad to worse for the Jets.

Troy Nolan Returns

If you squint, it's like Chris Nolan and Batman are returning.

The Texans Will Take Over October's Airwaves

October's shaping up to be quite the defining moment for Gary Kubiak's Texans.

Texans Links: 10/01/12

Some Texans stories you may have missed. Check 'em out via BRB.

Texans Injury Report

Find out what's going on with Q. Demps, Keo, and Caldwell.


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