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Week 6 2012: Texans vs. Packers - NBC's Must See TV

All you need to know about Week 6's Sunday Night tilt between the Green Bay Packers and Houston Texans.

Andre 10,000

The greatest Houston Texan of all time made history on Sunday night.

Don't Make Aaron Rodgers Angry

Fans should not get too dismayed at an All-Pro quarterback putting his team on his back, but the Texans could have used a Red Bull or two.

Hair of the Dog: Well that sucked.

Relive the misery that was the Texans vs Packers game by following along with the conversation between BRB writers.

Texans As Redheaded Stepchildren: Post-Game Thread

Well, that was a beating.

Texans v. Packers: Fourth Quarter Open Thread

Le sigh.

Texans v. Packers, Third Quarter Open Thread

Hey, it's the third quarter!

Second Quarter Open Thread: Packers v. Texans

It's the second quarter. Here's your thread. Yay.

Texans v. Packers: Open Game Thread

Talk about Sunday Night Football's Packers-Texans game as it unfolds with other Texans fans.

Open Thread: 3:25 P.M. CDT Non-Texans Games

Still another few hours until Texans football. Talk about the late afternoon NFL games today at Battle Red Blog.

Open Thread: Non-Texans Games Starting At Noon

No Texans yet? No problem. Talk about the early slate of NFL games today at Battle Red Blog.

Counting Down To Sunday Night Football

Join other Texans fans as we pass the time before tonight's main event of Packers-Texans on NBC's Sunday Night Football.

Texans Daily Links: 10/13/12

Links and football and stuff

The University v. Evil, Plus Other College Games

Time to talk college football on Battle Red Blog. One game to rule them all.

Texans. Packers. SNF. Where You At?

Share your plans for watching Texans-Packers on Sunday Night Football tomorrow night.

Democracy In Action!

It's like voting between cabbage and artichokes!

The Film Room: Tim Dobbins and Bradie James

A look at how Houston's new starting inside linebackers are being used in Wade Phillips' scheme

Predictions: Texans v. Packers

It wouldn't be a Friday in October if I wasn't making wholly unfounded predictions about the upcoming Texans game.

Texans Daily Links: 10/12

All the Texans links you could ever want and more.

Trindon Holliday Is Now A Denver Bronco

And Denver fans are stoked.

Can Houston Exploit Green Bay's Weak Spot?

While some may think a high-scoring Sunday Night shootout is inevitable, is the Texans' best weapon of choice their three-headed rushing Hydra behind Duane Brown and Wade Smith?

Texans Daily Links: 10/10-10/11

Still depressed about the loss of Brian Cushing...

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings, Week Six

Once again we throw mental darts at a board to determine who will win in a given week. This week we visit curses and ill will upon players who may or may not deserve it...but probably do.

BRB Live Chat: Now

Well, actually it starts at 9 p.m. CDT. But arrive early and get a good seat.

Keshawn Martin: Return Man

Trindon Holliday has a successor in the return game.

Trindon Holliday Is No Longer A Texan

Wishes do come true for Texans fans as the Tiny Returner Experiment has finally come to a conclusive end. Spoiler Alert: It failed.

5-0. That's reason to celebrate.

Brian Cushing's loss to a season-ending knee injury blows. But all its not lost, Texans fans. The good guys are 5-0.

Battle Red Radio: Tonight! 7 P.M. CT!



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