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NFL Week 5 Live: Early Afternoon Games

Enjoy the opening slate of games here with us at BRB as we wait for the Texans to take the field on Sunday Night Football.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Tennessee Titans Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Weird, isn’t it? Not seeing a Texans game at this time of the day and all. Whilst the Texans might be playing later in the evening (against the Cowboys, no less), there are other teams who are consigned to the early afternoon slot.

Here are all of the teams who will be facing off in the Texans’ usual 12 p.m. CDT spot:

Titans vs. Bills

Dolphins vs. Bengals

Ravens vs. Browns

Packers vs. Lions

Jaguars vs. Chiefs

Broncos vs. Jets

Falcons vs. Steelers

Giants vs. Panthers

Those are your early games, and this is your open thread to enjoy them in. A second post for the late afternoon games will publish at 3 p.m. CDT.