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Monday Night Football Live: Washington at New Orleans

Washington travels to the Big Easy to wrap up Week 5 of the 2018 NFL season. If two substandard offenses battling it out against two of the best defenses in the league is your idea of a party, come on in, the water’s fine!

NFL: Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints
Neither offense is spectacular, so maybe we’ll see some of this?
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

I have said several times that my ideal final NFL score is 2-0. Tonight, we see two teams that might actually manage that feat. Washington has the top-ranked defense in the NFL while the Saints, in spite of Drew Brees’ exploits, rank 22nd. The Saints are ranked sixth on defense, while Alex Smith is wowing no one except his wife and mother as he leads the 30th-ranked offense.

If you like defense, this should be your game. If the sight of a quarterback rolling out of the pocket to drop a pass into his #1 wide receiver’s hands is what you need to feel excited, erm, well...

Either way, these teams lead their respective divisions (evidence that neither the NFC East nor NFC South will be representing the NFC in the Superb Owl?), so expect the Panthers, Eagles, and Cowboys to be tuned in.

Texas is a football-mad state, so even though neither of these teams are of any practical importance to the Texans or Texans’ fans, we’re still here watching, because that’s what we do. Discuss the game, how putrid these two offenses are, what their defenses can manage that our can’t, the state of the NFL, etc., in the Comments below.