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Saturday Night Football Live: Ravens vs. Chargers

John Harbaugh’s not getting fired! It’s time to celebrate!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Welcome back to Saturday Night Football. Hopefully you enjoyed Derrick Henry carring the ball 35 times in the last game. Tonight, we’re going to have the high powered offense of the Chargers going against the freakishly talented Lamar Jackson.

The Chargers are looking set for the playoffs with their lofty 11-5 record, whilst the Ravens are in a brutal knife fight to either take the AFC North or at least secure the sixth seed in the AFC Playoffs. They will need their Jackson and one of the best defenses in football to be at the top of their games in order to take out the Chargers and push the race for the AFC playoffs to one more week.

All of that is on the line tonight. This is your place to enjoy all of the action.