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Monday Night Football Live: Washington vs. Philadelphia

The NFC East gets yet another prime time game as the Eagles look to regain some of their Super Bowl form.

New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Golly, I hate the NFC East.

It’s a division of remarkably dislikable teams from Washington to Dallas and occasionally the Eagles when their fans are hurling stuff at folks.

Now, I’ve watched my fair share of bad football. One does not last long as a fan of an AFC South team without coming to the sad realization that he will be subjected to football that many would describe as offensive. The one blessing, however, is the fact that this football is usually positioned in a time slot where there are alternatives. There are precious few AFC South prime time games, which means that one can always avoid then if one chooses. The NFC East, on the other hand, seemingly festers on our screens without an alternative nearly every week.

Festering this week are the Eagles and Washington. Washington is attempting to stave off the surging Cowboys with Colt McCoy at quarterback. The Eagles meanwhile look to turn what has been an endlessly disappointing season around and make a late run for playoff glory.

Let loose your trousers and enjoy tonight’s game in the comments below.