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Sunday Night Football Live: Patriots vs. Lions

Oh, boy. It’s time for a reunion of Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick.

AFC Championship - Indianapolis Colts v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

There are currently three former Patriots coaches or players who are head coaches in the NFL. The Patriots will play all of them this season, and Bill Belichick will get the opportunity to show them all that the old man still has it.

Watching Belichick coach against his former underlings has the feeling of a dad playing basketball against his five year old kid. He’s posting up and backing him down before dunking on his head every time because he believes it’s building character.

Matt Patricia is the most recent coach to depart from Papa Bill’s caring embrace and set out on his own. The first two weeks have not been great for the Detroit Lions under Patricia. In Week One, Matt Stafford threw four interceptions, including a pick-six. In Week Two, the Lions faced the San Francisco 49ers; heading into the fourth quarter, Detroit was down two touchdowns.

Enter Matthew “It’s The Fourth Quarter and We’re Down a Bunch of Points” Stafford. This version is my favourite, honestly. Stafford plays his best football when he’s precariously close to losing the game. Sure enough Stafford started slinging the ball over the field and the Lions scored fourteen points, only to ultimately not pull off the victory thanks to a Robbie Gould field goal.

That’s the story heading into Patriots-Lions tonight. This is your open thread to enjoy the action from it.