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2019 NFL Playoffs Live: Cowboys v. Rams

The first NFC Divisional Round game of the 2019 NFL Playoffs begins in Los Angeles.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Cowboys and Rams are set to kickoff in a few minutes. Unlike what will happen in New Orleans tomorrow, this game is a possible upset match-up for the underdog. May the Cowboys send edible arrangements of the last supper to Nick Foles in thanks.

See, the Rams’ offense is based on their ground game. They sit in the same personnel set, run zone, power, counter, and jet sweeps, and throw play action off of it. The Rams are a chameleon where every play looks the same. Jared Goff lives on wide open throws. When his second read isn’t open, Goff doesn’t know what to do. He’s a toddler on a big wheel turning around the end of his block. He gets jumpy, antsy, and bounces throws. While Dallas struggles against the pass, Goff hasn’t been the same player since Cooper Kupp tore his ACL in Week Ten. The Cowboys have one of the best run defenses in football and should give Todd Gurley a headache. If Dallas can stop the run, they can make this game sloppy and low scoring. If they can’t, Los Angeles will walk away unscathed.

The Rams also can’t stop the run, and Ezekiel Elliott is smoldering right now. Los Angeles struggles at covering a team’s best wide receiver. Dallas should also be able to slide their protection over to Aaron Donald to mask Connor Williams and limit the damage Donald does. Dante Fowler is fine, but he’s not going to beat you. If all these things happen, Dallas can pull of the improbable. For our country’s sake, I hope they don’t.

Anyways, hang out and watch the game here. This is your virtual sports bar in the sky. Just remember the standard commenting rules apply.