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Monday Night Football Live: Patriots vs. Jets

It’s an AFC East showdown on MNF!

NFL: New York Jets at New England Patriots David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots made the Jets look like a college football team in Week 3, but in the rematch in the Big Apple, things look a little different.

First of all, the Jets have a win under the belt and a serviceable quarterback. Sam Darnold returned last week to lead the Jets to their first win of the season against the Cowboys. It was a very impressive performance, but now the Jets have to double down against one of their biggest rivals.

The Patriots are undefeated and are clearly the team to beat in the NFL. The Jets get their second crack at them tonight, but it looks like this team could waltz their way to an undefeated record by the playoffs. They make it look so easy.

Let’s see if the Jets can cause friction to their perfection tonight.

BRB, this is your Monday Night Football thread. Enjoy!