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Week 17 Sunday Night Football Live: Washington vs. Philadelphia

It’s the final game of the 2020 regular season.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Football Team Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

In the final game of the year, the Washington Football Team can clinch their first division title since 2012 as they face the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Washington Football Team can get to the playoffs despite a 7-9 record and clinch the NFC East with a win. If they lose, the {insert team here} will jump into the playoff picture after beating the {insert team here} earlier today. Meanwhile, the Eagles have a chance to play spoiler but are sitting numerous starters and have very little to gain with a win...unless they enjoy spoiling Washington’s season.

Who do y’all got winning this game? Washington or Philadelphia? Sound off in the comments section below. Head over to our sister sites to gain a better insight into the two teams playing tonight’s game:

BRB, this is your Sunday Night Football thread. Enjoy!