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Thanksgiving Day Football Live: Bills vs. Saints

Got room for more football?

New Orleans Saints v Buffalo Bills Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images

In the third and final Thanksgiving game of the day, we hope you’ve saved room for dessert!

MVP candidate Josh Allen and the 6-4 Buffalo Bills travel to the Big Easy to face Trevor Siemian and the 5-5 New Orleans Saints. The last time the Saints played on a holiday, they upset the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home on Halloween. Since then, they’ve lost three straight and are losing their grip in the NFC Wild Card race. Meanwhile, the Buffalo Bills took a rough loss at home to the Indianapolis Colts Sunday and are looking for an opportunity at a bounce-back win.

Who do y’all got winning this game? Bills or Saints? Sound off in the comments section below. Head over to our sister sites to gain a better insight into the two teams playing tonight’s game:

BRB, this is your third Thanksgiving Day thread. Enjoy!