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It Seems Untenable For Deshaun Watson To Continue Getting Hit At This Rate

It’s more than a wee bit disturbing to see this statistic.

New York Giants v Houston Texans
Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

As a fan of the Houston Texans, you knew Deshaun Watson was getting hit a whole lot this season. But did you know the extent to which he was getting hit was so much more frequent than any other quarterback in the NFL?

The Texans’ offensive line is undeniably putrid, especially on the edges. But the line is not completely to blame for the absurd amount of punishment Watson has taken in 2018. DW4 brings some of it on himself by not getting rid of the ball faster (or at all sometimes) or failing to slide or run out of bounds to avoid or minimize contact.

Therein lies the rub, because part of what makes Deshaun Watson so dynamic is his desire and ability to make the big play; often times that big play materializes in the second or two after the ball could or should be thrown away.

Regardless, there’s no denying, for both the good of his personal well-being and the good of his team, Watson cannot continue to take the pounding he’s taken through the first six games of the season.

If you were Bill O’Brien, what would you do to address this problem?