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Over Or Under: NumberFire’s Statistical Projections For Several Texans

Texans fans weigh in with their thoughts on the accuracy of NumberFire’s estimates at how Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and more will fare in 2018.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts
Less than a thousand yards rushing?
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Our friends at NumberFire have run the numbers, and they believe your Houston Texans have a 48.3% chance to make the NFL Playoffs this year. They’ve also projected how several individual Texans will fare this season, and here’s what they have for a handful of offensive players:

Deshaun Watson: 327.2 completions on 541.9 passing attempts for 3,857.4 yards, 30.7 passing TDs, and 14.3 interceptions; 63.1 carries for 376.7 rushing yards and 3.6 rushing touchdowns.

Lamar Miller: 224.7 carries for 926.0 rushing yards and 4.0 rushing touchdowns; 35.2 receptions (on 48.5 targets) for 320.8 receiving yards and 1.8 receiving touchdowns.

Alfred Blue: 42.0 carries for 157.4 rushing yards and 0.8 rushing touchdowns; 17.7 receptions (on 23.3 targets) for 149.3 receiving yards and 0.4 receiving touchdowns.

DeAndre Hopkins: 98.4 receptions (on 165.3 targets) for 1,499 receiving yards and 9.1 touchdowns.

Will Fuller: 55.6 receptions (on 103.7 targets) for 754.8 receiving yards and 5.7 touchdowns.

Bruce Ellington: 24.5 receptions (on 47.5 targets) for 290.6 receiving yards and 1.5 touchdowns.

Ryan Griffin: 33.7 receptions (on 61.4 targets) for 390.1 receiving yards and 2.4 touchdowns.

What are your thoughts on these projections? Do you think Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Lamar Miller, Bruce Ellington, Alfred Blue, and Ryan Griffin will exceed or fail to meet NumberFire’s estimates this season?