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Potential Houston Texans Head Coaching Candidates

The Texans are 2-2. Things could get better, or they could get worse. Here are potential coaching options If 2019 becomes a disaster.

Brett Deering/Getty Images

The first quarter of the season is finally done. We got a small idea of what to expect from our beloved teams. The Texans currently sitting at 2-2, but some may argue that they should be 4-0 after suffering two last minute losses that could’ve went either way.

Before I write this article, I will admit that I was one of the biggest advocates for head coach Bill O’Brien. I was encouraged by his first three seasons with the Texans. Though he finished each regular season with a 9-7 record, he went deeper and deeper each season. The first year, his Texans team just missed the playoffs. The second year, the Texans made the playoffs, only to get eliminated in the wildcard round. His third year, he advanced from the wildcard round to the divisional round, losing to the eventual Super Bowl champion New England Patriots.

After going further and further for three consecutive seasons, I thought it was only a matter of time before we finally saw our Houston Texans in the AFC Championship game. I was expecting the 2017-2018 season to be the year the Texans show the NFL that they finally arrived. Instead, half of the Texans roster spent that year on a stretcher, and horrifically regressed into a 4-12 record. Though he finished last season 11-5, he got pounced in the playoffs at home.

This is a perfect time to discuss potential head coach replacements for the Texans after a horrid loss last Sunday against the Panthers.

Lincoln Riley

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The hot commodity of the NFL, Riley is the coach that all NFL fans wish for. I absolutely love the way Riley plays the game of football. Most people think he plays an air-raid, pass-to-run style of football, and they couldn’t be any wrong. He loves to run the ball down the defense’s throat and beat them to submission.

Riley also is what I like to call a “QB whisperer”. He helped produced back to back Heisman winning QB’s, as well as back to back number 1 draft picks. He may be going on his third Heisman trophy winning QB this season with Jalen Hurts. I would absolutely love to see what Riley could do with Deshaun Watson at QB. Also the sky would be the limit with weapons like Deandre Hopkins, Carlos Hyde, Duke Johnson, Kenny Stills, and Will Fuller. Getting him out of Oklahoma will be difficult, but if there was a situation Riley would leave Norman for, I imagine the Texans would be the perfect situation.

Eric Bieniemy

Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Here is a name that most of you may not be familiar with. The Chiefs’ head coach Andy Reid gets all of the credit for being the offensive mastermind for the team, and rightfully so. The Chiefs’ offense was one of the most prolific groups in NFL history last season, and while people like Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes deserves a large portion of the credit, Eric played a big role behind all of the mayhem last season. He has a similar mindset to Reid’s with an aggressive offensive approach.

Bieniemy was an attractive candidate for head coach last season. He took the reigns of offensive coordinator in 2018, and there is no coincidence that the offense has soared to great heights since then. They are in the top 2 in total yards and points this season, and led the NFL in both categories last season. If Bieniemy can contribute to Mahomes’s immense progression since last season, imagine how much he can help Watson’s game.

Andy Reid has one of the greatest coaching tree’s in NFL history. He has many assistants that are currently NFL head coaches. Doug Pederson, Matt Nagy, Pat Shamaur, Ron Rivera, and John Harbaugh are a few to name. Bieniemy will eventually be the next name on this list.

Kris Richard

Matthew Pearce via Getty Images

Energy, charisma, intensity, and BOOM! Name a coach on the Texans that has these characteristics? While you are figuring that out, let me tell you of a coach that does.

Kris Richard is known for all of these. The originator of the Legion of Boom, Richard is known to be a defensive mastermind. He was the defensive backs coach for the Seahawks during their dominant Super Bowl runs, later being promoted to defensive coordinator in 2015. He featured the number one passing defense and the lowest scoring defense throughout his years in Seattle. Now the defensive coordinator in Dallas, Richard has once again built one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Houston would benefit greatly from Richard. Richards has shown the ability to motivate and get the best from his players. His time in Seattle is the best example. Players like Richard Sherman, Kam Chancellor, and Brandon Browner were all 3rd round picks or worst in their respective NFL drafts. Under Richard, they all became all-pro talents and at the time they were the most feared secondary in the NFL. Richard could do the same in Houston. He can help an already talented defense take their game to another level. Richard knows how to motivate, and he know how to win. Both of these things the Texans struggle with.

Jim Harbaugh

Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Ok, before y’all crucify me just hear me out. Jim Harbaugh has not been successful at Michigan, and should be on the way out. He has an abrasive personality that may rub people the wrong way. He also may have one of the most boring offenses ever in the history of football. These things are true.

However, we can’t forget during his previous tenure in San Francisco. He turned around a mediocre 49ers team and had a dominant three-year run. The 2011-2014 49ers terrorized the NFL. During that time, he made 3 consecutive NFC Championship games, including one Super Bowl appearance. That 49ers team could go anywhere and defeat anyone not named the Seattle Seahawks.

Harbaugh brings an attitude to the teams that he coaches. He loves smash-mouth football. He can bring the same attitude to Houston and elevate the team to an elite level, something Bill O’Brien has failed to do.

Kellen Moore

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The NFL loves their QB’s. They love them on the field, and they love them with headsets on. When looking for head coaches, the preferred candidate is someone who either played quarterback or worked with quarterbacks. Enter Kellen Moore, who has done both.

Dallas’s offense has been extremely explosive this season. Though it’s only been 4 games, Dak Prescott has looked like a surefire MVP candidate so far. Most of the credit has to go to Moore, who is the current offensive coordinator for the Cowboys. Moore is proven to be an offensive mastermind in his brief time calling plays, and it’s only a matter of time before NFL teams offer him to be the head coach of the team. In that time, the Texans need to be one of them.

I believe that the Texans have a more talented offense than the Cowboys. If Moore can vastly improve the Cowboys to where they become an offensive juggernaut, he can help the Texans’ offense become a powerhouse. Should Moore continue to have a great year, this may be his final year in Dallas. Hopefully he doesn’t have to travel far to his next coaching gig. Just down 45 to Houston.