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Justin Reid Holds Q&A With “The Athletic” Subscribers

One of the Texans’ most exciting young players answers the tough questions.

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New England Patriots v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

A Q&A session was held Monday afternoon with Houston Texans safety Justin Reid. The 30-minute event was exclusive to The Athletic subscribers, so it looks like my $60 is already hard at work. I’ll highlight some of the key interactions here, but the full transcript can be found on The Athletic’s website. Credit goes to Aaron Reiss for moderating the session. Let’s start things off with a question I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Reid directly.

Carlos Flores: “Hello Justin! Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions today. You’ve campaigned for your brother to be signed by the Texans. How would you envision you and your brother co-existing in the secondary, and how do you see your respective skill-sets matching up?”

Justin Reid: “Hey, the combination of having my brother and I on the same team would be nothing short of lethal. We are both cerebral players who are physical and aggressive. Our communication and chemistry would be on another level. I see myself as slightly more of a coverage player and him as slightly more of an enforcer type player, although we both have the skills to do both and fluidly switch responsibilities.”

Another user pressed about Eric Reid’s chances of joining the squad.

Q: Do you think Eric Reid will come to Houston?

Justin Reid: “I hope so. I’ve put in a word with the front office but it’s up to them to make a decision.”

In one of my favorite answers from this Q&A, Justin Reid lets us know how he really feels about his tumble down the draft board.

Q: “Hi Justin, I’m a big fan from the UK and was lucky enough to make my first Texans game at Wembley last year to see you nearly take that INT to the house! I was surprised we managed to draft you in the 3rd round of the draft, how does dropping to the 3rd motivate you on the field?”

Justin Reid: “First off, I glad you made it to the game! I really enjoyed playing in that one. Secondly, yes I had a first-round grade and fell to the third round and that has been a tremendous motivator. At first, I wanted every team I play to know what they missed out on. I wanted them to feel it. Now, I don’t think about it much. I’m motivated because I know the type of player that I already am and the type of player that I see myself being - which the the best.”

We then got an update on Reid’s physical condition and his thoughts about Houston in general.

Q: “What have you been doing to get better during Covid? How are you liking the city?”

Justin Reid: “I train four times a week in the weight room and on the field & do rehab/recovery seven times a week to help me shake back from my shoulder surgery. Happy to say rehab has been going tremendously well and I’m close to being cleared for full RTP (Return to Play)... Also, I love the city of Houston. Food, sports, culture, all of it. I would to spend my entire career here. The hard truth is though that this is a business, so we’ll have to see what happens.”

There is also some Super Bowl talk, which is more than welcome in these trying times.

Q: “What’s has been your favorite moment as a Houston Texan so far and how do you see the near future panning out for the franchise?”

Justin Reid: “Hard to say but I’d say my favorite moment has yet to happen. My first pick 6 my rookie year was a HUGE moment for me. That feeling walking into the locker room after winning the division each of the last two years is hard to beat too. But favorite moment will be when me and my teammates are partying in the locker with the Lombardi Trophy. I’m excited about this year. We’ve dominated the South for the last few years but like I said- we’ve been there, done that. We want a Super Bowl and we have guys bought in and committed to that goal.”

Finally, the young buck provided sage advice.

Q: “What is the best advice you have received either relating to football or life?”

Justin Reid: “My advice that I’ve gotten that I’ll now share with you is this. Natural talent will make you a good player. A strong work ethic will make you a better one. ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ BUT.... when you have talent and you’re hardest working guy in the room, that’s when you go from good to GREAT. Be great.”

Did anything in this Q&A change how you view Señor Reid? Are there any concerns he alleviated? What questions would you have asked if given the opportunity?