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BRB GroupThink: On To Dallas

What we are most excited for when Houston heads to Dallas for the second preseason game of the year.

Houston Texans v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The NFL preseason continues onwards as the Houston Texans head up to Dallas to play their annual preseason game against their in state foe on Saturday night. Last week saw Houston take down Green Bay, thanks to winning the turnover battle, lots of Ka’imi Fairbairn field goals, and some tough Scottie Miller running. With Houston playing Dallas this week, I asked the masthead the following question for this week’s GroupThink:

After watching the Texans take down Green Bay last weekend, what are you looking for in this week’s game against Dallas? These are our responses.


1. Want to see how well our guards and tackles can get to the 2nd level on run blocking against the Cowboys quick linebackers, Micah Parsons and Jaylon Smith.

2. How we lineup against these Cowboys wideouts, seeing if we can secure the middle of the field.

3. If our special teams, especially punt return, is as good as it looked last week.


What I am looking for in this one:

Gettin’ the W. Preseason wins don’t really mean much, and if you are betting on the spread for a preseason game, get some help, seriously. However, for the Texans, getting their first win last week must have done wonders for an organization that has had nothing to cheer about for at least ten months (counting that last win against DET on Thanksgiving). Plenty of good us-against-the-world-and-we-won-type motivational tools for the staff. It may not change the fortunes of the coming season, but should the team log a win streak if any sort, even in the preseason, it can only help. Besides, is it ever a bad thing to beat the Cowboys? [Easterby] no!

Also, would like to see Davis Mills improve from last week and if the defense can show signs of being disciplined (limiting big plays, not missing tackles). That would also show promise that the coaches could yet actually develop players…a must if the team is to avoid extreme embarrassment.


For me, it’s more snaps and more big plays from Davis Mills, Nico Collins, and Brevin Jordan. Mills and Collins will likely play significant snaps in the regular season, and I’d like to see them build off their encouraging (yeah, I know) performances from last week. Brevin Jordan is one of personal favorite prospects in Houston’s class this year, and I’m practically itching at the opportunity to see him make some highlights and work his way up the great malaise of our tight end roster.

Anything exciting from Jonathan Greenard, John Reid, or Roy Lopez woukd be awesome too.


Selfishly, I want to see Nico get forcefed so we can see more of how he looks against pro competition.


1. What Rivers said

2. Has Lovie Smith really turned this rag-tag bunch of one-year deal misfits into a cohesive unit that gets after the ball?

3. Can Davis Mills actually look like an NFL passer worth a team’s first overall pick in the draft?


This idea that the Texans secondary is competent is hilarious to me. It’s terrible. Absolutely dreadful, and it has been for three seasons now. We saw it again last week with Vernon Hargreaves III playing on the outside, and Tremon Smith drowning as well. The linebackers can’t carry the seam, and it’s going to force Justin Reid to stick at deep middle. The Texans week one secondary is going to be Hargreaves III, Terrance Mitchell, Desmond King, Reid, and Lonnie Johnson Jr, with some Eric Murray sprinkled here and there. Bradley Roby is good, but hell, he ain’t that good.

Houston gets their first somewhat real test against Dallas, if they play their triplets, Michael Gallup, Amari Cooper, and Ceedee Lamb, this notion will finally be tempered.