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Red Zone Play

Mike Bullock's weekly Texans column on BRB.

Houston Texans on three game win streak!

In Demeco We Trust.

Poll: Texans’ Dameon Pierce or Devin Singletary?

Who should carry the rock for the Texans in 2023?

Texans’ C.J. Stroud shows he’s human, still finds a way to win

Despite mistakes, rookie QB leads his team to a winning record

HOUSTON TEXANS’ C.J. Stroud has another record setting performance!

Rookie QB puts another game ball in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Poll: How are you feeling about the Texans in the DeMeco Ryans era, so far?

Is there enough evidence to make a determination?

Houston Texans’ QB C.J. Stroud sits alone at the top...

The celebrated rookie sets another record in Texans’ loss.

Pittsburgh Steelers get “Turned Down for Watt!” by rising Houston Texans

C.J. Stroud and Nico Collins lead H-Town to a win on J.J. Watt day.

Houston Texans’ C.J. Stroud’s impressive stats through first three games

Where are the doubters now?

How did Texans rookie Will Anderson Jr. do in his debut?

Is the myth also the man?

Quick Hits: Houston Texans vs. Baltimore Ravens Preview

The Houston Texans visit the Baltimore Ravens for the season opener.

Is the Houston Texans secondary ready to take the next step?

Turning a weakness into a strength.

Texans have some really good receivers. But are any of them great?

Any takers for the Andre Johnson roster spot?

Tank? Texans WR Dell is more of a jet fighter

Is the rookie wideout shaping up to be who Will Fuller V should have been?

ESPN grades C.J. Stroud

How’s the rook doing according to the sports network?

C.J. Stroud shows off in Texans loss vs. Dolphins

If only his receivers did the same...

Houston Texans’ Rookie QB C.J. Stroud Did Better Than You Think

Rookies gonna rook.

Is Houston Texans C.J. Stroud ready to take the reins?

Rookie QB’s gonna rook.

Houston Texans Training Camp Roundup

Can’t make it out to training camp after that talking-to from security? Battle Red Blog has the next thing.

Would Shelby Harris Make a Great Addition to the Houston Texans Defense?

Is versatility still craved by Houston’s defensive coaches?

What Will Your 2023-24 Houston Texans Starting Lineup Look Like?

Here’s what Pro Football Focus predicts, at least.

Will Dameon Pierce Buck the Trend?

How high can the second year back fly?

Houston Texans Off-Season Report

PFF takes a closer look at the H-Town Ballers

Start Your Week With Houston Texans Highlights

No news? Watch clips instead...

Houston Texans Salary Cap Health

Things are alright in H-Town.

Derek Stingley Jr.: 2023 Breakout Star?

Will this year be Sting’s time to shine?

Houston Texans Offensive Line Slowly Climbing the Ranks...

The line isn’t quite as offensive as it has been.

Sophomore Star: John Metchie III Ready to Break Out

The second year player is set to take the leap.

Watch: Demeco Ryans ‘Nobody has a defined starting role right now’

Houston head coach looking for the best to put on the field

Watch: Arizona Cardinals Trade With Houston Texans

How Will Anderson Jr. landed in H-Town

Watch: Houston Texans Press Conference with DeMeco Ryans, Dameon Pierce, and Dalton Schultz

Got 30 minutes? Spend it here...

Is C.J. Stroud Already Ahead of Davis Mills?

Has the rook locked the top spot on June 5?

Poll: Houston Texans Offense or Defense?

Which side of the ball improved the most in 2023?

Houston Texans Offense Still Missing One Key Piece

Ham... no burger, Kool Aid, no sugar...

PFF Ranks the 2023 Houston Texans

Still a few players short of a contender?

Houston Texans Defense: Clowney, Ryans and Anderson Jr?

Is something old new again?

Examining Houston Texans Win/Loss Ability for 2023

One, none, or all the way baby?


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