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Red Zone Play

Mike Bullock's weekly Texans column on BRB.

Houston Texans: Listen to Seth Payne and Hire Demeco Ryans

Former player drops wisdom like Solomon .

Poll: Who will be the next head coach of the Houston Texans?

Who do you want it to be?

Houston Texans Rookie Standouts for 2022

A few bright spots in an otherwise dark season...

Poll: Houston Texans New Head Coach

Who will take the reins of the dumpster fire that is H-Town pro football?

Lovie Smith’s Houston Texans Can’t Even Lose Right

The hot mess got messier...

Why the #1 Draft Pick Matters to the Houston Texans

1... 2... 3... more than just numbers.

Houston Texans News: Bryce Young Declares for NFL Draft

Alabama Crimson Tide signal caller is all in for April payday

Is Derek Carr the Next Houston Texans Quarterback?

Texans keep it all in the family?

Jalen Pitre for Defensive Rookie of the Year

A draft pick Nick Caserio nailed in 2022

Poll: Would You Rather the Houston Texans Win or Lose?

Finger on the pulse of fanbase corpse

Houston Texans accidentally defeat Tennessee Titans

Teams gets "strong" at the wrong time...

Poll: Which Part of the Current Houston Texans Would You Keep?

If an entirely clean slate wasn’t a possibility... cause it isn’t.

Houston Texans can compete, coaches choose not to ... 

Imagine what a real coaching staff could do with this Texans’ roster.

This stream has:

Texans vs. Chiefs: Everything you need to know for Week 15

This is your home for all things Texans/Chiefs this week.

Who will be the next head coach of the Houston Texans?

Who will go down with the ship next?

Dameon Pierce Suffers High Ankle Sprain

Abandon hope all ye who enter here...

Houston Texans Can Compete, Choose Not To...

Tankathon 2022 update.

Poll: Should the Houston Texans Fire Nick Caserio?

Fire ‘em all and do it yourself...

Houston Texans Officially Eliminated From NFL Playoff Contention

Coming as a shock to absolutely no one.

Deshaun Watson Fails to Score Against Houston Texans

The Texans still lost 27-14 to the Browns, sadly.

Houston Texans Run Game Faces Stacked Boxes

With no passing threat, opponents neutralize the Texans run game.

Houston Texans Still Hold #1 NFL Draft Pick

Cling tenaciously to that splinter of hope.

Houston Texans start new quarterback, end same way

Kyle Allen continues push for No. 1 draft pick.

Houston Texans Still Hold First Overall 2023 Draft Pick

The NFL Draft can’t get here fast enough ...

Lovie Smith Didn’t Think Houston Texans Should Put a Better Product on the Field

The tank is in like Tiananmen.

Eno Benjamin: Welcome to the Houston Texans

Let’s take a look at the new backup for Dameon Pierce

Dameon Pierce: Houston Texans Only Hope

Losing is no fun, but at least H-Town has a beast.

PFF Grades Houston Texans 2022 First Round Picks

Where do Derek Stingley Jr and Kenyon Green rate?

Houston Texans Head Coaching Candidates for 2023

November with only one win means it’s time to start eyeing new coaching.

Houston Texans currently own the no. 1 NFL Draft pick for 2023

Should the Texans gamble on a quarterback or go a different direction?

Houston Texans Unleash Battle Red Helmets on TNF

Should the team just get all new uniforms?

Houston Roughnecks: Professional Football Returns to H-Town (Again)

The XFL announces team names, locations and logos.

Houston Texans Should Forfeit the Rest of the 2022 NFL Season

If they’re going to play like they did yesterday...

When Will the Houston Texans Win Again?

2022 is a loss. Does a competitive franchise await in 2023? 2024?

Should the Houston Texans trade Brandin Cooks?

Is the #1 receiver worth another 2023 draft pick?

Dameon Pierce vs the Las Vegas Raiders Run Defense

Houston Texans angry running back is off to the races


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