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Red Zone Play

Mike Bullock's weekly Texans column on BRB.

Red Zone Play: Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly Speaks

Some quick insight into the mind behind the offense in Houston.

Red Zone Play: 5 Wrongs & 5 Rights Of The Texans’ Offseason

Lets look at Bill O’Brien’s best and worst decisions of the new league year.

Red Zone Play: Five Texans Passing Game Predictions

The receiving corps makeover is in full swing.

Red Zone Play: Five Roster Moves The Texans Should Make Now

The Texans’ 2020 roster could still use some adjustments.

Red Zone Play: Groundhog Day For The Texans?

Are the Texans repeating history by not correcting an area of major need?

Red Zone Play: Is Bill O’Brien Done Trading Texans?

With the NFL Draft just days away, the Texans GM is surely plotting something.

Red Zone Play: Predicting The Texans’ 2020 Passing Game

Three predictions for the Texans’ passing attack in 2020. What are yours?

Red Zone Play: Deshaun Watson Wins Everywhere He Goes; Bill O’Brien Doesn’t

Winners win, losers lose, and water is wet

Red Zone Play: The Texans’ 2020 NFL Draft Outlook

Surely Bill O’Brien can use Houston’s eight draft picks to improve the team, right?

Red Zone Play: Worst Offseason Ever?

Bill O’Brien has easily topped the catastrophe that was the 2019 offseason.

Red Zone Play: Bill O’Brien Should Trade Deshaun Watson Now

The fire sale at NRG Park shouldn’t stop with Jadeveon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins.

Red Zone Play: Should The Texans Invest In Pass Rush Or Secondary?

If he has to choose one, does Bill O’Brien need to be all in at edge or cornerback?

Red Zone Play: Five Things The Texans Need To Do NOW

An outline for Bill O’Brien

Red Zone Play: Should Houston Bring Back A.J. Bouye?

Time to come home, Bouye.

Red Zone Play: Who’s Your #3 Priority For The Texans?

After Watson and Tunsil, who should be next?

Red Zone Play: What If Tom Brady Signs With The Texans?

Could Bill O’Brien’s master plan include a run at his old QB?

Red Zone Play: Fixing Houston’s Defense Won’t Fix The Problem

The Texans’ problems run deeper than the defensive staff.

Red Zone Play: Where Do We Go From Here?

Is the Texans future Steeler-bright or Bengal-colored?

Red Zone Play: Uncharted Waters

And the shot heard ‘round the world...

Red Zone Play: Defense Wins Championships & Wild Cards?

Houston’s 13th ranked offense squares off against Buffalo’s 3rd ranked defense.

Red Zone Play: Watching Houston Texans History

Deshaun Watson is re-writing the record books.

Red Zone Play: They Are Who We Thought They Were

The Houston Texans let the Denver Broncos off the hook.

Red Zone Play: Houston Texans Are First And Goal Again

While they’ve been here before, the Texans might finally be in the franchise red zone for good.

Red Zone Play: Is Rick Smith Returning To The NFL?

The former Houston Texans General Manager is reportedly ready to return from his hiatus.

Red Zone Play: Are The Texans Running A M.A.S.H Unit?

The waters are high. Things are treacherous.

Red Zone Play: The Pre-Postseason Is Here For The Houston Texans

The next few weeks are a snapshot of January.

Red Zone Play: Carlos Ain’t Hyde’n No More

The Texans should have brought Hyde in years ago.

Red Zone Play: Are The Houston Texans On Red Alert?

It might not be time to push the panic button, but the clock is ticking.

Red Zone Play: All In Against The Glass Ceiling?

Is Bill O’Brien selling the Texans’ future for diminishing returns?

Red Zone Play: Will Injuries Derail Newfound Hope?

Red Zone Play: Stop & Smell The Victory

Let’s not turn the page just yet.

Red Zone Play: The More Things Change...

The Texans’ loss to the Panthers felt all too familiar...

Red Zone Play: NFL Trades Integrity For Excitement

Is the system biased against star defenders or just J.J. Watt?

Red Zone Play: Where Has Whitney Mercilus Been?

Merci’s back, baby!

Red Zone Play: Is Deshaun Watson the Next Andrew Luck?

Amazing Monday Night Football game marred by same old problem

Red Zone Play: Texans Don’t Build Through The Draft

Despite multiple statements to the contrary, actions speak louder than words.