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Red Zone Play

Mike Bullock's weekly Texans column on BRB.

Is Davis Mills the Houston Texans Answer or the Problem?

Always in motion, is the future...

Houston Texans Offense Fails the Defense

Pep Hamilton’s squad is not off to the races at all...

Welcome to the NFL Derek Stingley Jr.

Houston Texans 1st round draft pick is here to make plays

Davis Mills is King of the 2021 Rookie Quarterback Hill

Now to turn stats into dubs...

Red Zone Play: 3 Yard Gain, 2 Yard Loss

The Texans continue fighting for yards.

Red Zone Play: Will The Texans Score More Points In 2020?

Yards, points, and wins might come in bunches if Texans’ offense clicks.

Red Zone Play: Houston Texans Offensive Coordinator Tim Kelly Speaks

Some quick insight into the mind behind the offense in Houston.

Red Zone Play: 5 Wrongs & 5 Rights Of The Texans’ Offseason

Lets look at Bill O’Brien’s best and worst decisions of the new league year.

Red Zone Play: Five Texans Passing Game Predictions

The receiving corps makeover is in full swing.

Red Zone Play: Five Roster Moves The Texans Should Make Now

The Texans’ 2020 roster could still use some adjustments.

Red Zone Play: Groundhog Day For The Texans?

Are the Texans repeating history by not correcting an area of major need?

Red Zone Play: Is Bill O’Brien Done Trading Texans?

With the NFL Draft just days away, the Texans GM is surely plotting something.

Red Zone Play: Predicting The Texans’ 2020 Passing Game

Three predictions for the Texans’ passing attack in 2020. What are yours?

Red Zone Play: Deshaun Watson Wins Everywhere He Goes; Bill O’Brien Doesn’t

Winners win, losers lose, and water is wet

Red Zone Play: The Texans’ 2020 NFL Draft Outlook

Surely Bill O’Brien can use Houston’s eight draft picks to improve the team, right?

Red Zone Play: Worst Offseason Ever?

Bill O’Brien has easily topped the catastrophe that was the 2019 offseason.

Red Zone Play: Bill O’Brien Should Trade Deshaun Watson Now

The fire sale at NRG Park shouldn’t stop with Jadeveon Clowney and DeAndre Hopkins.

Red Zone Play: Should The Texans Invest In Pass Rush Or Secondary?

If he has to choose one, does Bill O’Brien need to be all in at edge or cornerback?

Red Zone Play: Five Things The Texans Need To Do NOW

An outline for Bill O’Brien

Red Zone Play: Should Houston Bring Back A.J. Bouye?

Time to come home, Bouye.

Red Zone Play: Who’s Your #3 Priority For The Texans?

After Watson and Tunsil, who should be next?

Red Zone Play: What If Tom Brady Signs With The Texans?

Could Bill O’Brien’s master plan include a run at his old QB?

Red Zone Play: Fixing Houston’s Defense Won’t Fix The Problem

The Texans’ problems run deeper than the defensive staff.

Red Zone Play: Where Do We Go From Here?

Is the Texans future Steeler-bright or Bengal-colored?

Red Zone Play: Uncharted Waters

And the shot heard ‘round the world...

Red Zone Play: Defense Wins Championships & Wild Cards?

Houston’s 13th ranked offense squares off against Buffalo’s 3rd ranked defense.

Red Zone Play: Watching Houston Texans History

Deshaun Watson is re-writing the record books.

Red Zone Play: They Are Who We Thought They Were

The Houston Texans let the Denver Broncos off the hook.

Red Zone Play: Houston Texans Are First And Goal Again

While they’ve been here before, the Texans might finally be in the franchise red zone for good.

Red Zone Play: Is Rick Smith Returning To The NFL?

The former Houston Texans General Manager is reportedly ready to return from his hiatus.

Red Zone Play: Are The Texans Running A M.A.S.H Unit?

The waters are high. Things are treacherous.

Red Zone Play: The Pre-Postseason Is Here For The Houston Texans

The next few weeks are a snapshot of January.

Red Zone Play: Carlos Ain’t Hyde’n No More

The Texans should have brought Hyde in years ago.

Red Zone Play: Are The Houston Texans On Red Alert?

It might not be time to push the panic button, but the clock is ticking.

Red Zone Play: All In Against The Glass Ceiling?

Is Bill O’Brien selling the Texans’ future for diminishing returns?

Red Zone Play: Will Injuries Derail Newfound Hope?