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Red Zone Play: Can Brad Kaaya Contribute?

A new metric for measuring potential QB success suggests a name not associated with the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft could be a great fit for the Texans.

NFL Combine - Day 4 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Fellow BRBer and friend Brett Kollmann tweeted a link he referred to as “fascinating” reading yesterday regarding a new metrics measuring system for college quarterbacks that will allegedly predict how they’ll perform at the next level.

SEMTEX, the new system, is defined and quantified by FanRag Sports in a series of posts. It really is fascinating stuff for students of the game.

Combing through the initial information, they break QBs into Gold, Silver and Bronze ratings. They go on to note that no Silver or Bronze QB has won the Super Bowl since the quantifiable stats they use have been available (1983). The real shocker is that Brock Osweiler is a “Bronze” player (sic).

As you apply this formula to the current crop of young men applying for jobs with the NFL in a few weeks, names like Deshaun Watson, DeShone Kizer and Chad Kelly don’t make the grade so well.

Who does shine?

  • Mitchell Trubisky, the quarterback from North Carolina, who will most likely be long gone by the time Houston has a shot at turning in a draft pick.
  • Brad Kaaya, top of the Miami Hurricanes’ depth chart; he has flown under the radar to some extent so far.
  • Jerod Evans, Virginia Tech’s best arm, who has also gone somewhat unheralded this off-season.

Kaaya is a really intriguing prospect for Houston. He’s currently the Hurricanes’ all-time leading passer. The list of Miami quarterbacks to come before Kaaya includes Chad Kelly’s Uncle Jim, Bernie Kosar, Vinnie Testaverde, Craig Erickson and Steve Walsh. Kaaya also holds the school record for yards and touchdowns at his high school in Los Angeles.

A three-year starter at Miami, Kaaya led the Hurricanes to three bowl games, improving the team’s fortunes each year before announcing his draft eligibility on January 2nd. He completed his college career with 9,968 yards, 69 touchdowns, 24 picks, and a 60.6 completion percentage. All that in spite of the fact the ‘Canes had three different systems in Kaaya’s time there.

Oh, and he earned a “Gold” SEMTEX rating.

The fine folks on the NFL Network currently have Kaaya rated as a third-round pick.

In the strange-but-true category, Kaaya’s mom played Felicia in the hit movie Friday alongside Ice Cube and Chris Tucker – her character becoming immortalized in pop culture for the two word diss “Bye, Felicia”.

Jon Gruden ran Kaaya through his famed QB Camp and had glowing feedback about Kaaya, referring to him as a solid pocket passer with a huge upside. To further drive home his viewpoint, Gruden cites multiple NFL players and coaches who believe Kaaya can be a big-time quarterback at the next level.

In watching film on Kaaya, there are several plays where his receivers must slow down, adjust, or reach behind the route to get the ball. To counter-balance that, however, there are a seemingly equal number of shots where the ball lasers through a closing window with pinpoint accuracy to land where only Kaaya’s receiver can make a play. Does he need more coaching to achieve NFL greatness? Certainly. Is the potential there to seize the reins of a pro franchise? Absolutely.

With Houston being so QB needy, maybe using their second rounder to grab Kaaya might not be a bad idea. That is, if another team doesn’t feel the same way and snatch Kaaya up before Houston hits the clock in the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft.

Based on the SEMTEX system, who would you have the Texans take in the upcoming draft? Still feel the inevitable Dallas castoff is Houston’s best bet for QB success? Have nothing better to do at work then post completely irrelevant randomness below this article? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to Brett for the tweet!