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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: April 22, 2017

Tax time is over, Easter is gone, time for summer to get here!

Took my first trip to Corpus Christi recently and discovered something awesome. Not only are there a lot of Texans fans in the Coastal Bend, but you can drive on the beach.

Yes, that’s right. Check your Battle Red Blog Twitter feed and learn all about the latest mock drafts, read what Rick Smith had to say, or learn how you can tour the Museum of Failure while carrying your hip and trendy yet insanely overpriced Ikea shopping bag, all while driving in the surf!

Doesn’t matter if you have a slammed Honda Civic that can barely drive around Houston in the rain without capsizing. All you need is a beach permit to race the waves on the Gulf.

But since this is the official Saturday Night Open Thread, you can also talk amongst yourselves about things entirely unrelated to beach cruising.

Or you can just talk about sports...