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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commeting: 8/31/2019

Take off your pants and jacket. It’s the end of the summer.

Sunflowers stand in the sun Photo by Roland Weihrauch/picture alliance via Getty Images

The sun is drowning below the horizon. Soon enough, the leaves will refuse to change and it will be 85 degrees instead of 102 degrees outside. Everyone will be wearing scarves, leggings, and drinking pumpkin coffees. The sun will start heading down sooner until eventually it succumbs to its catacombs, and then things will be sp00ky. Truly sp00ky.

There’s still time to savor the sun, heat, and sweat. There are a few more weekends to enjoy those wild and reckless sprees. Play the song. Listen to the album. Enjoy it. Rally and fight against the clock and its stupid ticking hands. For next weekend, there will be professional football and root beer. All of this will be over.

This is your SNOT for tonight to discuss everything and anything except for the forbidden topics. How will you remember the beautiful ballpark in Arlington before they turn the Texas Rangers into a sterile, weak, cauterized, air conditioned organization? What summer reading did you complete? What feelings were hurt this summer? How would you handle the Jadeveon Clowney situation if Bill O’Brien made you the general manager of the Houston Texans?

Time to SNOT.