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Saturday Night’s Alright for Commenting: 4/11/2020

Take off your pants and jacket. It’s SNOT time!

Seattle Dragons v Houston Roughnecks
“Get me Vince McMahon on the phone NOW”.
Photo by Thomas Campbell/XFL via Getty Images

Hey, you! Yeah, you. The one that’s climbing the walls due to cabin fever. Get down from there and stay awhile.

It’s been a weird stretch recently, hasn’t it? The XFL has officially shut down, and it seems to be permanent. Well, at least until Shane McMahon decides to do this whole dance again in 2030. Your Houston Texans decided to trade for Brandin Cooks earlier this week. We are looking to be built for speed, not comfort. The 2020 NFL Draft has even become completely virtual. I’m taking bets on if BOB is going to “Winnie the Pooh” during the draft.

In other news, “Community” is on Netflix; I highly recommend it. For the gamers out there, The “Final Fantasy 7” remake was released to the hungry masses. I’ve heard many times that the original FF7 was one of the greatest video games of all time. Anybody have any gaming memories they’d like to share?

Talk about whatever you want. That’s the wonderful thing about S.N.O.T. It’s a mental playground for our sedentary physical bodies. Standard commenting rules apply. Have a great night, everyone!