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Happy Father’s Day From Battle Red Blog

No easy jokes allowed.

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Given how things have gone for the last week or so for your Houston Texans, a lesser man would center this post around Bill O’Brien wishing Bill Belichick a joyous Father’s Day.

I, however, am not such a man. I am a dude who, luckily, has a father and is a father. I’m also a guy who saw the following video come across his Facebook feed earlier tonight, and that’s a problem for a fellow who is admittedly a gigantic sap.

The Texans have recently given their fans a lot of reasons to be irritated. For a day, if we can, let’s put it aside. If you want to share a favorite memory or two about your dad or your kids, regardless of whether the memory has something to do with the Texans or football, please do it below. Happy Father’s Day.