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Happy New Year From BRB

2020 is here. I believe it’ll be a good year for Texans fans.

NFL: AUG 29 Preseason - Rams at Texans Photo by Leslie Plaza Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

From all of us here at your friendly neighborhood Houston Texans fansite, please allow me to wish you a very happy New Year. Thank you for reading, discussing, listening, and clicking on BRB throughout 2019. I hereby toast to you and what I hope is a fantastic 2020.

It’d be swell if 2020 began with your Houston Texans winning a game on Saturday afternoon, and then another the following weekend, and then a third one the weekend after that. At that point, the Texans could take a bit of a break before resuming their quest and ultimately allowing their fans to witness Deshaun Watson hoist a football shaped trophy in Miami on the night of Sunday, February 2nd.