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Memorial Day: Thank You To Those Who Paid The Ultimate Price

A brief expression of gratitude on Memorial Day from a Texans fan site.

Astros v Cubs Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Today is the last day of a three-day weekend for many members of our community. In related news, we here at BRB are fully aware of the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

Nonetheless, I’m positively giddy to have the opportunity to err on the side of thanking those who have served in the military, are currently serving in the armed forces, or have had a friend or family member make the largest sacrifice fathomable for our nation, too much. That willingness to put country before self is precisely why idiocy like this website exists.

Where else could Texans fans argue about precisely how incompetent Bill O’Brien truly is? Our ability to engage in spirited debate about that issue, or equally asinine topics like it, makes this country great, and it wouldn’t be possible if countless men and women hadn’t chosen to lay down their lives to allow us to waste time on trifles like sports.

We are more fortunate than we can ever appreciate. With that in mind, have an outstanding day.