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Happy Thanksgiving from Battle Red Blog!

Houston Texans fans talk about what they’re thankful for on Thanksgiving.

From all of us here at BRB to all of you out there, happy Thanksgiving. I hope today is filled with copious amounts of food and football.

Today, we have three relatively exciting games for Thanksgiving, which is more than what we could say last year. (Looking at you Bills vs. Saints!)

In the first game, the Detroit Lions host the Buffalo Bills, who have ironically been in the Motor City since Saturday after playing a home game at Ford Field thanks to snow knocking out any chance of playing in Western New York.

In the second game, the New York Giants visit the Dallas Cowboys in a game that could have major NFC East implications. Who would’ve thought that in April when the schedule was made?

Then, in the nightcap, the New England Patriots hope to hold on to their playoff spot against the Minnesota Vikings, who need to prove themselves after a disastrous game on Sunday.

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday and feel free to talk about what you’re thankful for, football-related or not, in the comments section below.