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How to Watch the 2022 NFL Draft 

In case you weren’t sure already, here’s a handy guide on how to watch your favorite non-fantasy football draft.

Friendly Off The Field: How Whitney Mercilus Is Changing The Game

The ten-year linebacker is cooking for a cause.

The Five Senses of Texans Tailgating

There is no sixth.

Nike Has A Texans Running Shoe Now

Pretty sweet looking, ain’t it?

Nike Releases New Air Zoom Pegasus 37 Texans Shoe

Want some Texans branded footwear?

The Texans’ 2020 NFL Draft Hats Have, As The Kids Say, “Dropped”

Buy something that no first round pick will wear!

The Big Win Over Tennessee Didn’t Move The Needle Much

Color me a bit surprised that the road win over the Titans to take control of the division didn’t affect the fan base much at all.

The Texans Were The Titanic, And The Broncos Were The Iceberg

Texans fans, flying high the week before, are now markedly less bullish on the franchise’s future.

All This Confidence Makes Me Uneasy

Turns out beating the Patriots boosts a fan base’s self-confidence. Who knew?

A Prime-Time Win Doesn’t Warm The Cockles Like It Used To

The Texans beat the Colts on Thursday Night Football last week to take control of the division. People liked it, but not as much as you might think.

Confidence Is Alarmingly Low Before Thursday Night Football

That’s what happens when your team looks like they aren’t even playing the same sport as the opposition.

Why Did Confidence Rise On A Bye Week?

I can think of one major reason why.

Don’t Look Now, But...

What is this strange sensation?

Confidence Creeps Back Up Before London

I’m sensing a pattern here.

Now We All Scream As The Roller Coaster Speeds Downhill

You knew this was coming.

The Roller Coaster Continues To Click Upward

This elevator is goin’ up, baby!

The Roller Coaster Is Climbing Again

You’re never gonna believe this, but Texans fans feel better about their team after it scored 53 points.

The Confidence Of Texans Fans Has Crashed Anew

One home loss to a team everyone thought the Texans should beat has crushed the optimism of Houston fans.

Texans Fans Are Suddenly Bursting With Confidence

One road win over a good team has Houston fans believing in the Texans again.

Why Does Anyone Think Bill O’Brien Is On The Hot Seat?

Barring a complete catastrophe, the Texans’ head coach isn’t going anywhere.

Confidence Of Texans Fans Up Heading Into Week Two

Despite a loss to open the season, Texans fans are more optimistic than they were a week ago.

Everyone Loves The Jaguars

Worst to first?

Taking The Pulse: Texans Fans Are Not Sanguine About The Franchise Right Now

Was this post done entirely to use the word "sanguine" in a headline? I’ll never tell.

Texans Fans, SB Nation Could Use Your Help

Got insight about the Texans? We’d like to hear from you.

Over/Under: Texans To Win 8.5 Games In 2019

Vegas has spoken, and Texans fans have responded.

Texans Fans Are Not Bursting With Confidence Right Now

The goggles! They do nothing!

2019 NFL Draft: What Is The Texans’ Most Pressing Need?

You’ll never guess! Just kidding. You definitely guessed correctly.

Which Team Is The Favorite In The AFC South Right Now?

Did Houston’s 11-5 regular season record, followed by a flameout against the Colts, followed by a relatively quiet free agency, change how people are looking at the division?

Even Nine Wins In A Row Hasn’t Gotten Texans Fans As Confident As They Were Before The Season Started

Slow to forgive, I guess. Tough crowd.

Which Team Is The Texans’ Biggest Rival?

There’s really only one answer, right?

Six Wins In A Row And A Week Off Engender Confidence

Dare I say Texans fans are starting to believe in this team for the first time since Week Two?

People Are Not Bullish About Texans’ Chances To Make The Super Bowl

No respect, I tell you.

Confidence Is Booming In Houston

A five-game winning streak has that effect on a fan base.

Now Texans Fans Think They’re Going To The Playoffs

What a transformation!

Somehow, Texans Fans Are More Confident Than Jaguars Fans

And we’re not exactly oozing with confidence, mind you.

Despite Beating The Cowboys, Texans Fans Are Not Happy

If you thought Houston beating Dallas would send Texans fans into a tizzy, you were wrong.