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SB Nation FanPulse Results (Week Five): Fans Of Every Other AFC South Team Are Brimming With Confidence

Not so much in Houston.

Welcome to SB Nation FanPulse, a survey of fans across the NFL, powered by SurveyMonkey. Each week, we send 32 polls to 100+ plugged in fans from each team. Texans fans, sign up HERE to join FanPulse.

Given the past results of this exercise, I know Texans fans will be far from shocked to see that confidence in the direction of the organization is, uh, not exactly in surplus within the fan base at the moment, even after the Texans’ first win of the 2018 season.

How confident are Texans fans in the direction of the team?

What may surprise you, however, is that the confidence level of every other fan base in the AFC South is at least 90% right now.

Jaguars? 95%.

Titans? 92%.

Colts? 90%.

Do you believe the fans of those teams are right to be so bullish on the direction of their respective squads?