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SB Nation FanPulse: Confidence Is Alarmingly Low Before Thursday Night Football

That’s what happens when your team looks like they aren’t even playing the same sport as the opposition.

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It’s one thing for a team to lose. It’s another for it to get completely embarrassed, like your Houston Texans were by the Baltimore Ravens four days ago. A manhandling like that is sure to affect one’s confidence, so it stands to reason that any optimism amongst the fans surveyed took a sizable hit in the aftermath of such a one-sided affair. To wit:

With the Texans scheduled to welcome the Indianapolis Colts under the lights of Thursday Night Football in a little more than five hours, a mere 16% of Texans fans surveyed are confident about the direction of the franchise.

How low will it go if the Texans lose tonight? Conversely, will we see another meteoric rise should the Texans win and get back on top of the division?