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Nike Has A Texans Running Shoe Now

Pretty sweet looking, ain’t it?

As a Texans fan, you almost certainly own some sort of team-branded clothing, whether it be a t-shirt, polo, jersey, or something else. But do you have Texans shoes? If the answer to that question is, “No, but I would love to have a pair,” do I have news for you!

Nike—a small, athletic equipment concern based in the Pacific Northwest—has just released running shoes unique to several (but not all) NFL teams, and your Houston Texans are one of the teams blessed with an available prototype. They’re crafted in the Zoom Pegasus style, a model sneakerheads and casual shoe-wearers alike are quite partial to.

Finally, your feet can match your shirt (or shorts, or pantaloons, or whatever floats your boat) on game days. There’s even free shipping through Fanatics, which makes the decision to splurge on these beauties even easier.

So go ahead. Treat yourself.

You can buy a pair here.