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Confidence Is In Short Supply For Texans Fans

Does this thing go into negative integers?

Texans Fans Are Selling Their Stock In The Team Fast

It’s like we’re in New York in October of 1929!

Why I’m Excited About The 2018 Houston Texans

The first reason is elementary, but there are plenty more that should get Texans fans pumped about the 2018 season.

Are you a Texans fan? We could use your help

Got insight about the Texans? We could use it.

Where Were You When The Texans Played Their First Regular Season Game?

I mean, it WAS pretty memorable.

What, If Anything, Would You Change About The Texans’ Uniform?

Texans fans give their two cents about what they’d keep and/or what they’d change about their beloved team’s current get-ups.

Which Houston Texans Single Season Record Won’t Ever Be Broken?

The answer might surprise you.

What If Albert Haynesworth Hadn’t Injured Matt Schaub?

Would the Texans have played in, or even won, the Super Bowl that year?

What’s The Best Super Bowl Food?

Get in here and air your opinion.

Where Is The Best Place To Watch The Super Bowl?

Don’t get this wrong, lest everyone who reads BRB lose respect for you.

What Was Your Best Super Bowl Moment?

So many that in no way involve the Texans, I can hardly choose!

2018 NFL Playoff Predictions: Wild Card Round

How do you see Wild Card Weekend turning out?

The One Thing I’d Change About The Texans’ Season Is...

Everything. What? I can only pick one thing? Nonsense.

Now That They’ve Lost Everyone, Who’s The One Player The Texans Can’t Afford To Lose?

Surprisingly, there are still a few stars at NRG Park that haven’t been felled by season-ending injury.

When Will Mike Vrabel Become A Head Coach In The NFL?

The Texans’ defensive coordinator is considered a future head coach, but when will it happen?

What’s Happened That You Did Not Expect From The 2017 Houston Texans?

There are many answers here, both of the good and bad surprise variety.

What Should Texans Fans Be Thankful For?

Hint: It rhymes with Weshaun Datson.

Who Is The Texans’ Best Defensive Lineman Nobody’s Talking About?

There’s one really easy answer.

Which Texans Offensive Lineman Would Make The Best Skill Position Player?

Because living in a magical world of make-believe is better than watching the actual Texans’ offense right now.

Deshaun Watson Is The Texans’ Midseason MVP

In related news, water is wet.

The One Trade The Texans Should Make Right Now

It has to be to get an offensive lineman, right?

The One Move The Texans Didn’t Make They Should Have

Texans fans answer that question during the team’s bye week.

Who Are The Best And Worst Teams In The AFC South In Week Six?

Texans fans weigh in on the current state of the division.

An Actual, Functioning NFL Offense Is The Texans’ Best Newcomer

Do Texans fans agree?

The Final Numbers Are In For J.J. Watt’s Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

One word: Wow.

What Has Surprised You Most About The Texans So Far This Season?

There are many legitimate possibilities, and all of them stink right now.

2016 Fantasy Football Preview: The Rest Of The AFC South

The Houston Texans have two players in the top 10 of most fantasy drafts, but how is the rest of the AFC South faring?

The BRB Fantasy Football League Is Here!

If you want to play fantasy football with other brilliant Texans fans, here's your chance!

2016 Fantasy Football Advice: Conf. Championships

Ryan continues to throw money into the wind with Daily Fantasy Football.

If The Texans Had A Ring Of Honor, Who Gets In?

Houston copying something the Cowboys did? I'm just as disgusted as you are. It's not actually happening, but let's talk hypothetically about a Texans Ring of Honor.

2016 Fantasy Football Advice: Divisional Playoffs

Ryan continues to throw money into the wind with Daily Fantasy Football.

2016 Fantasy Football Advice: Wild-Card Weekend

Ryan continues to throw money into the wind with Daily Fantasy Football.

Maximum Protection Leads To Massive Yardage

Capt Ron reviews a play in which the Houston Texans executed one of their biggest gains in the recent game against Jacksonville. Join the conversation on Battle Red Blog.

Week Seventeen Infographic: Texans vs. Jaguars

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Jaguars game in Week Seventeen.

2015 Fantasy Football Advice: Week 17 DFS Picks

Ryan continues to throw money into the wind with Daily Fantasy Football.

2015 Week Sixteen Infographic: Texans vs. Titans

Check out today's Infographic on BRB in advance of the Texans-Titans game in Week Sixteen.