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Stuff To Get Us Through The Offseason

Totally Not Fake News: The Name of the Game

The Texans Fan Shall Not Live By Faith Alone... But don’t short-change it for this season.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Emergence of the Brood Texans

A gathering of lifeforms the likes of which never before seen in Texans history

2022 NFL Mock Draft: The Houston Texans Select...

Say goodbye.

Houston Texans Football Is Under Attack By Demonic Entity

Part 1: Welcome to the Nightmare.

Totally Not Fake News: What About BO’B? Or Is It B’OB? No, Wait, BOB?

Finally, we get an answer.

NFL Mascot Battle Royale: Ranking By Deadliness

Adding a whole new layer of fear to furry suits.

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Greatest Victory

A look back on 75 years ago and a look into the future.

Best Sports Quotes: Head Scratching Comments That Make You Go Hmmm...

Because we could all use a good laugh these days.

Who The Texans Would Play In A Shortened Season (Part 3)

Taking a page out of the NBA’s playbook.

BRB GroupThink: Five Favorite Texans

Memories. Oh, memories.

Why I Have To Run

This is the offseason, I guess.

Would You Attend A Texans Game In 2020?

Testing the fandom waters for COVID closeness.

A Texans-49ers Trade Proposal

Doghouse for doghouse?

How Well Have The Texans Historically Drafted Quarterbacks?

From David Carr to Deshaun Watson.

Houston Texans Quarterback Performance Rankings During The Super Bowl Era

How Houston fits among the entire league in Super Bowl era quarterback production.

BRB GroupThink: The Greatest Hits In Franchise History


What’s The Greatest Play In Houston Texans History?

Name the best on-field moment in the franchise’s short existence.

AFC South All-Decade Team

It was J.J.’s decade.

Battle Red Radio: Fake Names And Fake Teams

This is the offseason and I don’t feel any different.

Houston Texans Outlook & Trends

From Matt Schaub to Deshaun Watson.

Was [NAME REDACTED] The Worst Free Agent Signing Of The Decade?

4 years and $72 million ($37 million guaranteed) down the drain.

How Old Is Amobi Okoye Now?

Remembering a guy.

BRB GroupThink: How Have You Changed As A Fan?

Over the course of your life, how has your Texans fandom changed, if at all?

2020 NFL Draft: Redrafting Every Player

A certain recently jettisoned wideout returns to Houston.

Battle Red Radio: Remembering Some Former Texans

It’s summertime, the perfect time to sit by the pool and talk about some former Texans.

Let’s Remember Some Guys

This is what the summertime is for.

Where Did PFF Rank The Texans’ Receiving Group?

Spare parts making up for the loss of one big piece.

Who Was Better?

Comparing the peaks of Houston’s franchise quarterbacks.

2019 Houston Texans Season Review: Reader’s Choice Awards

Cast your votes. Make your voice heard.

Predicting The Houston Texans’ 2020 Regular Season Schedule

Why wait until April to guess what the schedule will look like?

An Apology Letter To J.J. Watt

I’m sorry for what I said.

Who Do You Want To Replace Bill O’Brien?

In a mythical world where the Texans pursue a new head coach, who would that head coach be?

Poll: How Has Bill O’Brien Done As Head Coach Of The Houston Texans?

Let’s look at the stats and see.

NFL Top 100: Deshaun Watson Was Ranked Where?

Texans fans opine on whether the NFL Network got this one right.

Ministry of Information Message of Great Urgency for Fans of Houston Texans

Our great leader is firmly in control of situation on Kirby, and here is why you should ignore all who say otherwise.

Predict The Texans’ Next First-Time Pro Bowler

A fun exercise to stretch the brain.