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Stuff To Get Us Through The Offseason

Potential Impact Player For The Houston Texans Offense: TE Brevin Jordan

The Houston Texans may have a found a significant impact player in the fifth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

NFL Seeks Minimum One Year Ban for Watson

Cleveland could soon learn how the Texans felt last year without Watson under center.

Totally Not Fake News: The Off-Season Dead Zone...Now What?

What exactly will Texans fans read about in this Dead Zone of the NFL Off-season?

What If? The 2008 Texans, A Season Determined By Two QB Scrambles

It was the best of runs, it was the worst of runs...

What If? The 2007 Texans: The Most Bonkers Win of the Season, If Not in Franchise History

Could an insane game get even crazier? Yes, and that could have had quite the impact.

Andre Johnson Optimistic About Texans 2022 Draft Class

The GOAT speaks.

Deshaun Watson in more hot water

The accusations against the Browns quarterback keep piling up.

The Value of Things: Looking at Overall Offense

How much stronger is the correlation between overall offense and winning?

Goodbye to the Pro Bowl?

Is the game about to go away? Is that a bad thing?

Bottom of the Barrel: Texans or Jaguars Offense Comparison

Who’s bad, but who’s worse?

Analyzing Lovie Smith’s Recent Comments About Davis Mills

Wherein I attempt to read tea leaves.

Real Sports on Former Texans Quarterback’s Legal Troubles

Tonight on Real Sports...

Totally Not Fake News: Whither the Drama?

The Drama’s the thing...

Texans OC and National Scout to Join Inaugural Coach and Front Office Accelerator Program

The future is coming and its name could be Pep.

Players Drafted to the Perfect Places

Who got the best fit for their team?

Texans Have Almost Signed Their Entire 2022 Draft Class

Only one player remains unsigned.

What If? The Starting Quarterback for the 2006 Texans is…

We know who Kubiak went with, but should he have gone with someone else?

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Biggest Gamble

Think all the big gambles are reserved for the sports world?

What If: The Texans’ First Winning Season

What if the team managed to win sooner rather than later?

Fan Service - A Battle Red Blog Novella (RECAP)

It’s back with a new chapter next week. But until then, here’s where we left off.

When Will The Texans Be Competitive Again?

Things are bleak. One day they will be better, but the question is when.

What If: Andre Johnson Never Comes To Houston 

Surely this team would never consider doing something like that...right?

Hey, Bengals: Let’s Make A Deal!

I think we got someone you might be interested in.

Saturday Night Tunes: 7/17/2021 Edition

Another pants free edition and powered by hwisky and teenage angst.

Which 2021 Texans Game Are You Most Excited For?

Two more months.

Totally Not Fake News: The Name of the Game

The Texans Fan Shall Not Live By Faith Alone... But don’t short-change it for this season.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Emergence of the Brood Texans

A gathering of lifeforms the likes of which never before seen in Texans history

2022 NFL Mock Draft: The Houston Texans Select...

Say goodbye.

Houston Texans Football Is Under Attack By Demonic Entity

Part 1: Welcome to the Nightmare.

Totally Not Fake News: What About BO’B? Or Is It B’OB? No, Wait, BOB?

Finally, we get an answer.

NFL Mascot Battle Royale: Ranking By Deadliness

Adding a whole new layer of fear to furry suits.

And Now For Something Completely Different: The Greatest Victory

A look back on 75 years ago and a look into the future.

Best Sports Quotes: Head Scratching Comments That Make You Go Hmmm...

Because we could all use a good laugh these days.

Who The Texans Would Play In A Shortened Season (Part 3)

Taking a page out of the NBA’s playbook.

BRB GroupThink: Five Favorite Texans

Memories. Oh, memories.

Why I Have To Run

This is the offseason, I guess.