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Houston’s Football Season Ends As San Antonio’s Begins

The Alliance of American Football debuts next month.

NCAA Football: U.S. Army All-American Bowl
It won’t be just high school players taking the field at the Alamodome anymore.
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Since Houston Texans fans no longer have a dog in the NFL fight for the 2018 season, let’s take a few minutes to distract ourselves with, well, the latest distraction for all NFL fans: The Alliance of American Football.

Alliance of American Football

Set to debut on CBS at 7 p.m. CST on Saturday February 9th, the San Antonio Commanders take the field against the San Diego Fleet in the Alamodome. That’s right. The only professional football team in Texas to play in February won’t be the Texans or the Dallas Cowboys.

Led by two-time CFL Grey Cup Champion head coach and former San Diego Charger head coach Mike Riley, the Commanders hope to do for the State of Texas what the Texans have not been able to do—bring home a championship.

Former Houston Texan Kurtis Drummond leads the roster of “Who’s That?” players, including several from UTSA (like quarterback Dalton Sturm) and many others from Texas area schools.

While the AAF is more a curiosity at this point, a distraction, a “well, there’s nothing else on...” option for sports fans, unlike previous “rival” pro football leagues, the AAF has managed to garner quite a bit of coaching talent.

With names like Charlie Ebersol, Troy Polamalu, Jared Allen and Hines Ward on the league side of things and Mike Martz, Steve Spurrier and Mike Singletary on the coaching side, the AAF has forced some to sit up and take notice.

Alliance of American Football

The ten-week schedule will culminate in with four-game playoff featuring two teams from each conference. For those wanting to get on the San Antonio Commanders’ bandwagon, here’s some linkage to help you jump on:

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San Antonio Commanders roster

San Antonio Commanders coaching staff

San Antonio Commanders schedule

For the one or two of you who really miss ex-Texans kicker Nick Novak, he’s on the Birmingham Iron.