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NFL Top 100: Deshaun Watson Was Ranked Where?

Texans fans opine on whether the NFL Network got this one right.

NFL: Houston Texans-Training Camp Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

As the NFL Network continues releasing the identities of the players on its annual “Top 100” list, Texans fans awaited the appearance of their franchise quarterback. To the extent he has a ceiling, Deshaun Watson still has a ways to go before he approaches hitting it, yet I still found myself surprised that he didn’t fare better in this year’s rankings. You can watch the clip from NFL Network below.

So DW4 came in at No. 51. That struck me as foolish, and that opinion only got stronger when I saw that Baker Mayfield somehow came in a spot ahead of Watson. I reckon that’s erroneous for a host of reasons, some of which Colin Cowherd laid out in this clip:

Understanding that anyone reading this is likely as biased as I am, what’s your reaction to the notion that Mayfield > Watson?