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Open Game Day Thread Part Duh: Texans v. Colts

Follow the Houston Texans-Indianapolis Colts game live in Battle Red Blog's open game thread. You can make what's sure to be a painful experience for Texans fans tolerable by contributing your own fresh brand of insight. Please join the fray, Part Duh.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

That's all we got, three ******* points?

You can't say ******* on the air.

Don't worry, nobody is watching, anyway.

As your Houston Texans look to wrap-up the 2014 NFL Draft #1 pick with their outstanding play on both sides of the ball today, it's time to start asking the big questions.  For example, why are we here?  I think it was Jean Paul Sartre who once do you spell Sartre?

The Texans are down 20-3, and even Trent Richardson has a TD against us.  The nightmare continues.

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