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Super Bowl LIII Predictions

The Battle Red Blog staff shares their Super Bowl predictions.

Los Angeles Rams v New England Patriots Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Yeeehaw, hot doggy, it’s almost Super Bowl Sunday. I know most of America barely cares, so I’m sure that you, dear loyal reader of an esoteric team-centric website focused mainly on the Houston Texans cares even less, but, it’s still the BIG GAME. The game that some may call the biggest game of the year. Opinions, like hearts, are all very sincere and we all have them. We have them for this game as well. Here are our predictions for Super Bowl Sunday.

Matt Weston:

I’ll have a Saturday morning preview on this game so, watch out, spoilers, turn off the cartoons and read that instead. But here’s a couple of beans. I like New England more in this. Their interior pass blocking has been dominant, and no one, not even Chris Jones, could create pressure on Tom Brady. Their power interior run game should limit the number of one-on-one disruptive tackles for a loss Aaron Donald and Ndamukong Suh can make. The Rams’ secondary doesn’t match up well against a receiving corps that has, like, eight receivers who all do a bunch of different things; the Rams can’t focus on one guy like New Orleans. The Rams need to have success with Todd Gurley and the outside zone to prevent this game from being a game that Jared Goff has win out of the shotgun. Wade Phillips has had one great game against Tom Brady, and that was because Von Miller won a Super Bowl all on his own.

So, yeah, I like New England on Sunday. I think they control the clock and go up early. The Rams get a score late to make it interesting but never get the ball back and lose a red zone trip because they don’t convert on like 4th and 5. I also like James Devlin to score a touchdown, the under, Spongebob to kneel for the National Anthem, Tom Brady to win the MVP, and the Gatorade to be orange.

Patriots 27, Rams 21

Diehard Chris:

The Rams have been playing better defense as of late, but I think Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have somethin’ for dat [expletive}. The Patriots will continue to dink and dunk their way with ruthless efficiency, and I think Jared Goff will struggle against Belichick’s defensive game-planning. Goff clearly took a huge step forward in his career this season, but his youth and relative inexperience will be his undoing against Belichick’s magic. It’s probably wishful thinking since we’ve been on a solid run of competitive Super Bowls for a while now, but I think (and hope) this one will be competitive up to the end, with the Patriots clinching it on a late-game turnover-on-downs.

Patriots 33, Rams 30

Matt Burnham:

The Rams are younger, faster, and more athletic than the Patriots. The roster talent from top to bottom leans heavily in favor of the Rams.

The issue with this is that the Patriots are a Brandon Graham forced fumble away from being 3-0 in recent Super Bowls against teams who are younger, faster, and more athletic that have more roster talent.

The Patriots’ game plan is not a mystery. Tom Brady will get the ball out quickly on short and semi-intermediate routes. Sony Michel will have 20-25 carries. James White will catch a lot of balls out of the backfield.

The Rams will need to control the clock and generate some kind of pass rush. The Chargers and Chiefs couldn’t do that. The Patriots are known for taking away a team’s best weapon, so I’m not sure how much of an impact Todd Gurley is going to have on this game.

I believe that Jared Goff is a tremendous young quarterback and was worth the number one pick. But if you’re asking me if I think he will make more plays late on the big stage than Tom Brady, I cannot say yes.

It will be tight. It will be close. The Patriots’ discipline and attention to detail gives them the edge.

Patriots 33, Rams 27


This game will be a Todd Gurley show. Give him two weeks of rest and some open running lanes, and I think he will cause the Patriots some problems. Early success by Gurley will open up the Sean McVay play action game, which is the biggest weapon in the Rams’ offense.

I also don’t think that the Patriots’ running game will get off the ground. Between Suh, Donald, and Brockers, the defensive front of the Rams should dominate the line of scrimmage.

I don’t know who will be (attempting to) cover Rob Gronkowski, but whoever it is is the most important player in this game. Gronk is the key to the contest for the Pats. Stopping him will and always has been the first priority of opposing defenses.

This game will be fun. I like the Rams. But we are talking about the New England [KITTENING] Patriots here. They always win. Except this Sunday.

Rams 31, Patriots 27.


The Rams will be a fantastic test for Bill Belichick’s ability to game plan against his opponents. After all, if there is one thing that separates the great coaches from the dredge, it’s their ability to adjust.

This is what also makes the Son of Bum, Wade Phillips, so valuable as the defensive coordinator for the Rams.

There is no way this game is a blowout for the Rams, but I see them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.

Rams 34, Patriots 31


Jared Goff is going to see things he’s never seen before on Sunday evening in Atlanta. The Patriots are going to utilize their running backs and tight ends in the passing game against Wade Phillips’ defense to the extent that you might have flashbacks to when the Patriots routinely picked the Texans apart in prior postseason battles.

I’m optimistic that it’s a one score game, but I do think there’s potential for Goff to get flustered to the point that the game gets out of hand.

Regardless, I don’t see Bill Belichick and Tom Brady losing this one.

Patriots 28, Rams 21