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Three And Out: Texans-Chargers Predictions

The BRB staff assembles to predict Sunday’s match-up between the Houston Texans and the Los Angeles Chargers.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Bill O’Brien’s Texans are bad against great quarterbacks. This weekend they travel to Los Angeles to face Philip Rivers and the Chargers. So...yeah.

This will be Houston’s second of three games as underdogs. It would be nice to get an underdog win, considering how Week One’s turn played out. Let’s see how the BRB staff sees Sunday’s late afternoon contest playing out.

Tim: Chargers 31, Texans 28.

I think we see a Houston offense that looks more like the unit that nearly upset the Saints in New Orleans on Monday night a couple weeks ago, and we see a Houston defense that once again struggles to contain a future Hall of Fame quarterback. This tweet should provide some context for that prediction:

I believe Sunday’s game in Los Angeles will join the pantheon of entertaining, high-scoring games during the Deshaun Watson Era in which the good guys come up just a bit short (2017: @ Patriots, @ Seahawks; 2018: @ Eagles; 2019: @ Saints).

Chris: Chargers 31, Texans 24.

I just really have no idea with this team right now. The offensive whiplash from Week One to Week Two was staggering. I don’t think Jacksonville’s defense is so amazing that it sheds light on the big step back last week.

One thing I do know - Bill O’Brien’s Texans are god awful against good quarterbacks. Some folks seem to think this is new information, but here at the cesspool of negativity and self-loathing you call “BRB,” this is known. Bill O’Brien gets mad, throws a headset, and then after the loss says, “We’ve got to coach better”. Yeah. Ya do.

Matt Weston: Chargers 30, Texans 26.

I think Houston’s defense will play better than the final score indicates. This is a great pass rushing match-up for them. Trent Scott is one of the worst LTs in the league, and Sam Tevi versus J.J. Watt is unfair. If Watt doesn’t have a great game against Tevi, it’s officially time to be concerned that this is more than a slow start. Getting beat by Ryan Ramczyk and Jawaan Taylor in the first two weeks I can understand, but I can’t against Tevi.

Ultimately the Chargers move the ball in slippery ways. Houston doesn’t have a way to cover Keenan Allen or Mike Williams. I don’t know how they’ll cover the middle of the field. The offense is so iffy sometimes. Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa are going to be a disaster.

BFmf’nD: Chargers 27, Texans 23.

One score game? Check. BOB coaching with all the fire and passion of a dead rat? Check. Due for a one-score game loss? Check. Boring football? Check and check.

Kai’mi Fairbairn with three (3) field goals.

Matt Burnham: Texans 30, Chargers 24.

I think this game will be a statement game. The Texans still haven’t made amends for their defensive collapse on MNF against the Saints. They also need to respond from that near debacle versus Uncle Rico last week.

I think the ball will spread out well against the Chargers, especially without Derwin James. I expect a few big plays.

If Carlos Hyde can give us 75 yards rushing, I think the passing game will open up nicely.

Also, remember: This is a road game, but it’s not actually a road game.

Kenneth L: Texans 24, Chargers 20.

What? Who? Why? Yup. The “what” is the fact that the Chargers’ secondary is short of talent, relying on 3rd and 4th string newbies to play safety, combined with a minimal pass rush that has stalled lately.

The “who” is Will Fuller. He is going to sprint through their defense and cause problems. We will have serious trouble containing Keenan Allen; he will put up 150 yards, guaranteed. Imagine T.Y. Hilton but deadlier. Still, the Texans have more weapons and match up against the Chargers surprisingly well.

The “why” is depth. We are healthier and deeper than the Chargers heading into this game. With a solid running game in tow, the Texans will maintain the edge in the back and forth style of game both teams play. Honestly the “why” is that we have Deshaun Watson and he can light it up.

Mike: Texans 23, Chargers 20.

These two teams are both averaging roughly 20 points for and against so far this season. Both have a penchant for playing to the level of their opponent. I could see this being tied at 17 each in the final minutes, with a flurry of field goals to decide who walks away on top. In that scenario, Ka’imi Fairbairn > Ty Long.

Conversely, if Philip Rivers and Deshaun Watson get in a shootout, expect fireworks a la the Texans versus Seahawks game from October of 2017. Watson to Fuller, Watson to Hopkins, Watson to Stills is more than the Chargers’ defense can stop. But Rivers to Allen could also exploit the Texans’ secondary. It’s more likely these two teams play not to lose instead of playing to win.

TexanRevJ: Texans 21, Chargers 17.

When I was looking through the schedule before the season started, I picked the Texans to lose this game. Since that time, the Chargers have lost some major players and looked bad to mediocre against the Colts and the Lions. I’m changing my preseason prediction based on what I’ve seen....well, a lack of what I’ve seen from the Chargers.

The Texans didn’t look great against the Jags last week, but a win is a win. Let’s hope the O-line continues to improve and Deshaun can avoid any major hits. I keep waiting for Houston’s offense to open up with deep shots to Fuller and Stills. We’ve seen glimpses of it, but nothing that can be considered a concentrated effort to make that a major part of the game plan.

The defense will have its hands full dealing with Philip Rivers and Keenan Allen. Our secondary, minus players not named Justin Reid, has looked pedestrian at best so far this season. I think the Texans will do just enough to hold the Chargers off and get another W early in the season.

There’s a lot of optimism with this crop of predictions. We shall see. This game certainly is within the team’s capability to win, talent-wise. The thing about football, though, is that there is also that coaching thing.

How do you see this one going? Please use the comments below to share your predictions and enjoy the game Sunday!