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Totally Not Fake News

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Houston Texans Get Their Man!!!!

The hire of DeMeco Ryans had quite the reaction, inside and outside the Texans’ organization.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Texans Off-Season Off to a Fast and Furious Start...

No slow start to this off-season for the Houston Texans...

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The End of the 2022 Texans Season…and the Start of the “Real” Games

It’s Kickoff Week for the Off-Season!!!

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Where for the Texans, Worst is First

How does the "real" drama of the last week of the regular season play out?

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Week 17, and the Texans are Right Where They Want to Be

A feeling long remembered. Perhaps there is more to follow?

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: No Time to Celebrate for the Texans…They Got Football To Play

Finally, they are back in, division play

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: A Texans’ Near-Miss...and A Way Ahead?

The Texans were so close...but once again, a win is so far away.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Houston Texans Moving On From The “Big” Game

Can the Texans stop the non-winning?

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Latest Social Media Trend, and Yes, the Texans Have a Role in This

Maybe the Texans didn’t start it, but they are glad to follow it.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Texans -Playing in the Present, but Thinking of the Future

The Texans, trying to play multiple games across multiple timelines.

Totally Not Fake News: Concerns About the Texans…and Not Just From Fans

Somehow, the Texans’ issues, especially in one aspect of the game, are worrying more people that previously realized.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: What Bedevils the Texans?

The team has five non-winning finishes. Is there a primary reason why?

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Shake-up in the Texans’ Command Structure

Job Opening for the Position of Executive Vice President of Football Operations

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Houston Texans...the Source of the Newest Recognized Constant?

The win at Jacksonville may have ramifications in the standings..and in the halls of academia.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Houston Texans…Let’s Try This Again, Shall We?

Once again, the team will try to bounce back from a loss...and this time, they mean it.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: The Texans Look to Bounce Back

Come see what we found about the state of this team for this least what we can reveal while focusing on more pressing matters.

Totally Not Fake News: The Texans And The Fallout From History

How is the Team Moving Forward After Making History?

Totally Not Fake News: For the Texans, the End of the Beginning?

Preseason’s over and on to the regular season...but first, a review.

Totally Not Fake News: A New Era Begins

A new era begins...wait a minute, didn’t we just say this last year?

Totally Not Fake News: Right Place for Recovery

It may be awhile before this rookie can beat NFL defensive backs, but he will get plenty of chances to beat up on a long-time Texans punching bag.

Totally Not Fake News: Battle Red Helmets and How We Got There

You saw the final result, but just how did we get there?

Totally Not Fake News: The Off-Season Dead Zone...Now What?

What exactly will Texans fans read about in this Dead Zone of the NFL Off-season?

Totally Not Fake News: Whither the Drama?

The Drama’s the thing...

Totally Not Fake News: Vindication

Or should be Validation? What’s the difference? Let’s find out.


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