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Two-Day Hangover

2DH: What Was Old Is New Again

We’re getting the band back together!

Battle-Day Bagover: The Memorial Day Hangbaggening

Like Master and Blaster, the Two-Day Hangover and Battle Red Bag combine into something completely weird and vaguely unsettling. Enjoy!

Bag Meets 2DH: A Call for Questions and Ideas

Two long-forgotten entities return (briefly) as one! And you can participate!

Battle Red Friday - BBQ Something For Mom

Whether you have plans this weekend or not, take a look at one of the most informative and comprehensive articles you will ever find regarding the time-honored tradition of BBQ.

2DH: Rumors Of Its Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

This week's Hangover touches on parenting dilemmas, flawed commercials, Barry Manilow, stupid NFL rules, cooking duck, and right-handed QBs throwing with their left hand. There's probably some stuff about the Texans' win over the Bills, too.

2DH: I Don't Think You're Ready For Mint Jelly

Self-analysis, lamb, beer, stats, praise for Andre Johnson. It's the Hangover, regardless of the number of days it took.

2DH: Your Dreams Were Your Ticket Out

The Two-Day Hangover returns for 2014 with Gabe Kaplan references, homemade bacon, meat-related science, the socioeconomic status of a cartoon character, TV ad annoyances, and a bunch of numbers. It's good to be home.

2DH: Just Like The Prodigal Son, I Return...

I'm not saying that the Two-Day Hangover is back, but it's not NOT back. So...

Is The 2DH Dead?

That's up to one man, and it ain't me. Let him know what you think in the Comments to this post.

2DH: Remember, Red, Hope Is A Good Thing.

If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but at least I remembered what was important.

2DH: Can't Move North 'Cause I Can't Stand Snow

On living a vaguely Amish lifestyle for nearly a week. Plus some music and movie stuff, I guess.

2DH: If I'm Wrong, The Survivors Can Mock Me

The hangover returns to battlefight the Mayans, willful ignorance, Elias, and other stuff.

2DH: Fail & Losing In Boston

Let Dr. Gonzo provide the context. What does it mean? Maybe nothing.

2DH: Infallible, Not Into Failure [UPDATED]

The Texans sweep the Titans. I throw a bunch of number of pictures and inanity into a post. You know the drill by now, people.

2DH: The Two-Game Hangover [UPDATED]

Because there were two games. Get it?

2DH: Gone 'Til November

This is where something witty would go. Unfortunately, I've got nothin'. UPDATE: BBQU added!

2DH: Just Another Sunday In The Neighborhood

On meeting Hayes Carll, tailgating with great people, jinxing games by my mere presence, and chimichurri. Also stats.

2DH: About The Bye

Taking a look at the history of the bye week, copyright law, Beauty & The Beast, winning percentages, and this thing in Mississippi.

2DH: Epitaphs & Mayonnaise

Playing a team named after a Poe reference? Sounds like a good time to discuss death! And mayonnaise-based BBQ sauces. And Michigan football. YAY, RANDOMNESS!

2DH: Introducing Uncomfortable Plot Summaries

Wherein we redefine some movies, talk about boobs, reference Kenny Rogers, and throw some numbers around.

2DH: A Question Mark Walks Into A Bar?

Weekly ruminations on whatever pops into my head, from punctuation usage and random stats to the unstoppable force that is J.J. Watt. Also, BBQ and Biggie and blog criticisms.

2DH: Let Them Eat Mutton [Updated 9-27-12]

A look at thoughtless sports writing, JJ Watt & Arian Foster, Kentucky BBQ, poor font choices, my daughter's future as a dictator, the origin of BESFs, and assorted random Texans stuff.


The Two-Day Hangover. Talking ungulates, BBQ, Arian Foster, J.J. Watt, and Araseddfasdfis.

2DH: Jonathan Joseph Is A Crab

The Two-Day Hangover returns for the 2012 season. It's BBQ, pop culture, football, and rampant insanity.

2DH: The Justice System Works Swiftly In The Future Now That They've Abolished All Lawyers

No Texans Games? No Problem. Return of the Two-Day Hangover.

2DH: Granny, Does Your Dog Bite?

Spinal Tap, Charlie Daniels, and 90s Rap. It's Two-Day Hangover Time Again.

2DH: A New Use For Bacon

Bacon and playoff football. The Two-Day Hangover, First Playoff Win Edition.

2DH: Bonus Friday Afternoon Edition [Updated]

Let's try that again. A second crack at the Two-Day Hangover for Week 17.

2DH: In Denard We Trust

The Two-Day Hangover. Week 17. Bring on Week 18.

2DH: Jeremy Shockey is a turd.

The Two-Day Hangover for Week 15. Jeremy Shockey is a flaming d-bag (and other stuff).

2DH: Playoffs, Yo.

The Two-Day Hangover: 1950s TV Technology, Texans In The Playoffs, And Other Things That Don't Quite Make Sense.

2DH: Kareem Jackson, Interceptor of Footballs

Where Michigan football, the Houston Texans, Back To The Future 2, and the Pythagorean Theorem collide. The Two-Day Hangover for Week 13.

2DH: Where Titans Fans Can't Read Or Think

The Two-Day Hangover, Week 12. A look at the BCS, the Titans' nearly dead playoff hopes, and the Texans' sexy defensive stats.

2DH: The Bye Is A Lie

The Two-Day Hangover: A look at the history of the bye week, BCS scenarios, and the failure that is Chris Johnson.

2DH: Goin' Tubbin' With Matty Light

The Two-Day Hangover. A look at Matt Leinart, the Texans' defense, constitutional violations in Kevin Bacon films, and relationships in Methopotamia.

2DH: Rhythm Is The Bass And The Bass Is The Treble.

The Two-Day Hangover. On Warren G, KJax, and the LBC.