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Week 07: Houston Texans at Las Vegas Raiders - Lovie's Eleven is Gonna Rob Vegas Blind

Value of Things: Ins and Outs of Texans vs. Raiders

What do the numbers say about the Texans 38-20 defeat?

HAIR OF THE DOG: Week 7 Houston @ Las Vegas...or Where In Some Games, It is OK to Go Over 21.

Apparently, the Texans were playing Blackjack, and the Raiders were playing football.

Countdown to Kickoff: Houston Texans at Las Vegas Raiders

Viva ... viva Las Vegas!

How to watch Texans vs. Raiders in NFL Week 7

If you want to watch the Texans make their Vegas debut, here’s how to do it.

Quick Hits: Houston Texans vs Las Vegas Raiders Preview

Football stats make the world go ‘round.

TOTALLY NOT FAKE NEWS: Shake-up in the Texans’ Command Structure

Job Opening for the Position of Executive Vice President of Football Operations

Thursday Night Football Open Thread - Saints at Cardinals

This is your Thursday Night Football open thread, for you to embrace and enjoy

Battle Red Blog Internal Power Rankings: Week 7

Where do I rank the Texans after they fired Jack Easterby?

Houston Texans Value of Things: What the Data Says about Davis Mills

Which tier of quarterbacks does Davis Mills fit in?

Can The NFL Season End Now For The Texans Sake?

For the future of the franchise, shut the season down now.

LISTEN: Battle Red Radio Discusses Easterby, Thursday Night Football

Cory DLG puts his 75% win rate on the line and makes predictions for tonight’s game.

Texans vs. Raiders Wednesday Injury Report

A look at the Houston Texans Wednesday injury report.

NFL Week 7 Power Rankings Index

Where is everyone rankings the Houston Texans after their bye week?

Dameon Pierce vs the Las Vegas Raiders Run Defense

Houston Texans angry running back is off to the races

Houston Texans Value of Things: PFF Self-Scouting the Defense

Are the right guys getting on the field for the defensive side of the ball?

Fans, sports media, and players react to Jack Easterby’s departure

"Jack Easterby did nothing good."

Houston Texans Now Hold Fourth and Sixth Overall Draft Picks

Thank you Cleveland. Please keep losing.

Houston Texans: Jack Easterby Relieved as Vice President of Football Operations

The embattled ex-preacher is no longer in the organization

LISTEN: Where Do the Houston Texans Fall Amongst the Worst Teams in Football? 

Colton tries to figure out the worst of the worst in the NFL and make sense of the AFC South.

Week 7 Opening Odds for Texans at Raiders

Vegas has been unkind to the Texans so far. This Sunday, the Texans take their complaints directly to Vegas.


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