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Week 1 2017: Jacksonville Jaguars v. Houston Texans - After Harvey, Houston Deserves Some Blake Bortles

All of BRB's content leading up to, during, and immediately after the Texans' season opener against the Jaguars.

BREAKING NEWS: Houston Texans Name Deshaun Watson Starting Quarterback

IT’S HAPPENING. Check out the reactions of Texans fans on BRB.

Houston Texans Injury News: Texans Place C.J. Fiedorowicz On Injured Reserve

The Texans just lost a key offensive weapon.

2017 NFL Power Rankings: Where Do The Texans Stand After Week One?

After this week’s loss, where do websites have the Texans ranked?

Red Zone Play: Reality and Optimism

Has the reality of Rick Smith and Bill O’Brien overcome our optimism for the Texans?

Battle Red Newswire: September 12, 2017

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

Bill O’Brien: No Decision Made On Starting Quarterback Yet

Until then, we speculate on Battle Red Blog.

Incompletions: Texans v. Jaguars (Sacked Ten Times)

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and not enough time for one man to write about it all, the masthead joins together and writes about Houston’s opening loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Report: “Expectation” That Deshaun Watson Starts Against Bengals

No, that’s not exactly confirmation that the Texans have made a change at QB.

Hair Of The Dog (Jaguars-Texans) - Going To The Dogs

The BRB gang watched, mostly in horror, the Texans’ opening game against the Jaguars. Read our thoughts as they happened.

Battle Red Newswire: September 11, 2017

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Monday, September 11, 2017.

Sunday Night Football Live: Giants v. Cowboys

After an...afternoon of Texans football, let’s have a nightcap of...more football!

Post-Game Recap: Texans 7, Jaguars 29

The Texans’ offense falls on its face repeatedly as the Jaguars take the season opener.

Sunday Late Afternoon Games Open Thread: Week One

There are three games on this afternoon. Most of us will watch SEA-GB, but IND-LA actually means more to the Texans.

Four Texans Leave Jaguars Game With Head Injuries

Houston has sustained multiple concussions against the Jaguars today.

Tom Savage Benched, DeShaun Watson Makes NFL Debut

It may have taken only one half of football for the DeShaun Watson Era to begin in Houston.

Street Clothes Special: Texans - Jaguars Inactives

It’s the first game of the 2017 regular season and we’re already down some men. See who won’t be playing inside!

Week 1 Infographic: Texans vs. Jaguars

A look at the Week 1 matchup between the Texans and Jaguars.

Texans-Jaguars Game Watching

The Houston Texans open their 2017 regular season tomorrow, and Texans fans share what they’ve got planned for the game.

2017 Houston Texans Season Preview

It’s the last AFC South Preview before the 2017 season starts. This time it’s the Houston Texans.

2017 College Football Live: Week Two

Giants of the Big 12 and Big Ten conferences clash today in what some are calling a playoff preview.

Texans-Jaguars Preview: Five Things To Watch

We break down the key matchups and storylines to watch for during Sunday’s game.

Jaguars-Texans Predictions

The BRB staff predicts the season opener against their AFC South rival, the Shiny Glittery Kitty Cats of Jacksonville.

Texans-Jaguars Broadcast Information

The Jacksonville Jaguars come to NRG Stadium to face the Texans as the 2017 NFL regular season begins. Here's how to catch the game.

Ministry of Information’s Week One Preview - Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the most objective, unbiased news source for the Houston Texans you’ll ever find.

Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With Big Cat Country

Even the most diehard Jaguars fans seem to have given up on Blake Bortles.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: 2017 Houston Texans Season Predictions From The BRB Staff (Pt. II)

The guys and gals at BRB continue with the second half to their season predictions.

PUT YOUR NAME ON IT: 2017 Houston Texans Season Predictions (Pt. I)

The guys and gals at BRB gives you their predictions for the Texans’ season.

Battle Red Newswire: September 8, 2017

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Friday, September 8, 2017.

2017 NFL Kickoff Live: Chiefs v. Patriots

The season begins with the reigning Super Bowl champs hosting one of the best in a AFC West.

2017 NFL Predictions: Division, Super Bowl, Individual Award Winners

The BRB staff got together to gather its playoff and major individual award predictions for 2017.

This Week In BRB Group Think: Predicting The 2017 Houston Texans

The BRB staff gets their predictions in for the 2017 Houston Texans season.

What Would You Do To Improve The Texans’ Offensive Production?

The best (worst?) minds in all of BRB Mastheadland offer answers in troubling times.

Houston Texans Waive Dee Virgin, Reach Injury Settlement With Wendall Williams

Some more roster tinkering before the regular season starts.

BRB’s NFL Game Pass Rankings (Part II)

Matt and Luke continue on their quest to rank the best teams to watch on NFL Game Pass.


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