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Week 11 2013: Raiders at Texans - I'm Not Even Mad; Going For Eight Losses In A Row Is Amazing

All of BRB's week content for the Texans' Week 11 game against the Oakland Raiders.

The Captain's Log, Game Ten: "Occam's Razor"

Capt. Ron checks in with his thoughts on the Texans' loss to the Raiders, and takes stock of a team well into free fall this season.

Battle Red Radio: We Have Seen The Abyss

Stay awhile and listen to Battle Red Radio tonight at 7 p.m CST as we discuss Week Eleven's loss to the Raiders, look ahead to Week 12's game against the Jaguars and analyze the state of the franchise.

Sponsored Post: Teammates of the Week (OAK v. HOU)

Come read the final Teammates of the Week post about the Texans. Hopefully, by now you know that the newest Call of Duty is out.

BRB Interviews Dr. David Geier

In order to shed some light on Arian Foster's injury and subsequent surgery, Battle Red Blog's David Corzo interviewed Dr. David Geier, a sports orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist.

MNF Open Thread: Patriots @ Panthers

Join us tonight as we talk about the Patriots, Panthers, and things that make us hurl.

Kubiak: Case Keenum Will Start v. Jaguars

Gary Kubiak had his usual Monday afternoon press conference, and while he alleviated some concerns at the quarterback position, he hasn't regained much favor from the fan base.

Featured Fanshot

Lance Zierlein's Texans Rant

Not exactly as dramatic as Chad Dukes' epic Redskins rant a few years ago but it was every bit as poignant. Zierlein perfectly recaps the state of this franchise as it stands now and vents the frustration we all want to vent. He also addresses Ben Tate's "fans are wishy-washy" comments.

Andre Johnson Speaks: On Schaub, Happiness, Etc.

Andre Johnson's confrontation with Matt Schaub at the end of the Texans' eighth loss in a row yesterday made national headlines. See what 'Dre had to say when he spoke with the media after the game.

Gary Kubiak Did It His Way

Was Case Keenum incapable of understanding in-game adjustments in yesterday's loss to Oakland? Was he simply not prepared? Or is Gary Kubiak simply determined to go out on his own terms?

Video: Matt Schaub-Andre Johnson Sideline Exchange

If you haven't seen Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson yelling at each other toward the end of yesterday's Texans-Raiders game, here's some video for you.

Hair of the Dog: We Suck Again!!!

Unofficially, I have never put more "kittens" in a HotD post than I did today. Check out what the BRB staff had to say during the Texans' loss to the Raiders.

Battle Red Newswire: November 18, 2013

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Monday, November 18, 2013.

Sunday Night Football: Broncos v. Chiefs

Broncos-Chiefs: Sunday Night Football. Which team will take the lead in the battle for the AFC West? Share your thoughts, observations, and opinions on Battle Red Blog's live open game night thread.

Open Game Day Threads: Late Afternoon Games

Use this thread to discuss the late afternoon NFL games this Sunday.

Raiders v. Texans Open Thread Part Deaux

It's halftime and your Houston Texans find themselves up 17-14 against the Oakland Raiders. Continue the conversation as we look forward to the second half.

Open Game Day Thread: Texans v. Raiders

It's an NFL game featuring Case Keenum and Matt McGloin starting at QB for their respective teams. There's so. so much to say. Say it in Battle Red Blog's open game thread for Texans-Raiders.

Texans v. Raiders: Week 11 Inactives

Seriously, if you can't make the roster of the Texans @ Raiders, and you're not injured, it might be time to start thinking of a new profession.

Countdown To Kickoff: Texans v. Raiders

As we wait for the Texans and Raiders to take the field at Reliant Stadium this afternoon, stop by Battle Red Blog's "Countdown To Kickoff" thread to add your two cents about the game.

Week Eleven Infographic: Texans vs. Raiders

This week we highlight the matchup between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders while telling the story of Case Keenum, archaeologist.

How To Watch Texans-Raiders

Trying to figure out how to catch the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders game this afternoon? Here's how to do it.

Useless Predictions For Texans-Raiders

The "three" in "Three And Out" works on multiple levels. It's one more than the number of wins the 2013 Houston Texans currently have. Will that still be the case after the Texans host the Raiders tomorrow?

Pre-Game Recon: Five Questions With S&BP

Battle Red Blog has questions about the Raiders, and Levi Damien of Silver And Black Pride has answers. Check out the Q&A before tomorrow's Texans-Raiders game.

Featured Fanshot

Pryor Out, McGloin In At QB vs. Texans

I was a bit eager to watch Pryor play but at least we might not get gashed with scrambles again.

BRB Open Thread: College Football (11/16/13)

Talk about the day's college football games in Battle Red Blog's Saturday open thread.

Just How Hot Is Gary Kubiak's Seat?

With Ian Rapoport's news about the front office coming out, we put on our tinfoil hats and read between the lines to divine the fate of Gary Kubiak.

Gary Kubiak To Coach From Press Box On Sunday

Gary Kubiak will be taking an "eye in the sky" approach to coaching for the Texans' game against the Raiders on Sunday while he recovers from a mini-stroke suffered nearly two weeks ago.

The Pregame Week 11: Raiders @ Texans

Hate the Raiders? Well, you will now. Check out The Pregame before Houston plays Oakland on Sunday.

Texans-Raiders Game-Watching

The Houston Texans aim to avoid their eighth loss in a row when the Oakland Raiders visit Reliant Stadium on Sunday. Where will you be watching them as they try to avoid 2-8?

Battle Red Newswire: November 15, 2013

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Friday, November 15, 2013.

Texans Injuries: Lechler Hospitalized With Flu

A Texans' injury update, including the hospitalization of Shane Lechler.

TNF Open Thread: Colts @ BE-SFs

Well, at least it's not Minnesota again. Join BRB as we watch two despised division opponents in which the winner is nobody.

CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ed Reed, Then Andre Johnson?

By all accounts, Andre Johnson is a very good friend of Ed Reed's. 'Dre was a driving force behind Reed signing with the Texans. Could the team's decision to dump Ed Reed portend Andre Johnson's exit from Houston sooner rather than later?

Gary Kubiak Returns, Meets With Media

The Texans' head coach met with the media for the first time since returning to Reliant Park after suffering a mini-stroke. Check out what he had to say.

BREAKING NEWS: Ed Reed Signs With New York Jets

Just two days after his unceremonious departure from Houston, Ed Reed has signed with the New York Jets.

Blazin' Hot NFL Picks - Week 11

There's plenty to talk about with this week's slate of games. Catch Battle Red Blog's picks... brought to you by Buffalo Wild Wings.

Featured Fanshot

Report: Texans Brass Frustrated With Kubiak

Not sure who is considered the "brass" of the Texans if it's not just Bob McNair, but the reasons for the frustration echo some of my observations in my weekly Snap Count Reports.
According to the report, frustrations stem from there being no rotation at all along the defensive line or outside linebacker spots.
Willie Jefferson showed a ton of potential during the preseason but he was almost completely unused during the season. Jared Crick and Tim Jamison get next to no playing time behind J.J. Watt and Antonio Smith. This is somewhat understandable, but they're not machines... even god-kings like Watt can bleed and tire.
But is this lack of rotation on Kubiak or defensive coordinator Wade Phillips?
Either way, the 4-10 record going back to last season definitely IS on the head coach. Your thoughts?


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