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Week 13: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans - We Don't Talk About Bruno--I mean Deshaun

Battle Red Blog’s Week 14 Power Rankings

Where do I place the Texans after their loss to the Browns?

Battle Red Blog Groupthink: Final Thoughts On Watson’s Return

The writers get together several days after the game to evaluate the state of the Texans while Deshaun Watson was in town.

The Value of Things: Roses and Thorns Browns vs. Texans

Who were the best and worst from Sunday’s 27-14

The Value of Things: The Ins and Outs of Browns vs. Texans

What do the numbers say about Sunday’s 27-14 defeat?

Inside NRG for Deshaun Watson’s return

Battle Red Blog takes you inside NRG to experience Browns-Texans game first-hand.

Monday Night Football Open Thread: Saints at Buccaneers

(Incomprehensible Cajun gibberish)

HAIR OF THE DOG WEEK 13: Cleveland Browns @ Houston Texans

A game where the only plot line is a Sunday afternoon matchup between two teams with losing records. That’s it. Absolutely no other plot line can be determined. None at all.

FINAL: Browns 27, Texans 14: A final word on Deshaun Watson, who we are still not talking about

Ugh, this game.

Week 13 Countdown to Kickoff: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans

This is your four hour Texans warning.

Texans vs Browns: How to watch, game time, TV schedule, streaming and more

C’mon and watch the Texans game with us. It’ll be hilarious.

Behind Enemy Lines with Browns vs. Texans: What to expect from Deshaun Watson’s first game

We catch up with Chris Pokorny of Dawgs By Nature to talk Texans and Browns football, and Cleveland’s new starting quarterback.

Quick Hits: Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans Preview

The return of [NAME REDACTED 2.0]

Thursday Night Football Open Thread - Bills at Patriots

This is your Thursday Night Football open thread.

Battle Red Blog’s Week 13 Power Rankings

Where do I rank the Texans going into December?

Houston Texans Run Game Faces Stacked Boxes

With no passing threat, opponents neutralize the Texans run game.

Houston Texans Still Hold #1 NFL Draft Pick

Cling tenaciously to that splinter of hope.

Week 13 Opening Odds for Browns at Texans

It’s time.