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Week 15 2016: Jacksonville Jaguars v. Houston Texans - Brock Osweiler Better Not Bortle This One

All of BRB's content leading up to, during, and immediately after the Texans' Week 15 game against the Jaguars at NRG Stadium.

2016 AFC Playoff Picture: Week 16

Here are the latest playoff scenarios for the Texans.

Tom Savage Is The Texans’ New Starting Quarterback

As he should be.

Who Will Be The Texans’ Starting Quarterback Against The Bengals?

After all, Bill O’Brien didn’t say one way or the other yesterday.

Snap Counts: Texans v. Jaguars

Join us here at BRB as we delve into the numbers from the Texans' comeback win over the Jags.

Incompletions: Texans v. Jaguars

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and not enough time for one man to write about it all, the masthead joins together and gives their thoughts on the Texans’ savage win over the Jaguars.

Hair of the Dog: Texans-Jaguars

The BRB crew gets together to discuss the Texans’ come-from-behind win against the Jaguars and the rise of Tom Savage.

Battle Red Newswire: December 19, 2016

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Monday, December 19, 2016.

Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Buccaneers v. Convicts or Something

You’ve watched the Texans, you’ve seen afternoon games, but wait! There’s more! If you act now, you get extra football!

Texans 21, Jaguars 20 : Post-Game Recap/Final Score

The Texans rally behind Tom Savage to overcome a 12 point deficit to edge out the Jaguars and remain atop the AFC South.

2016 NFL Week 15 Live: Late Afternoon Games

Four games to watch this afternoon. Join the conversation live on Battle Red Blog.

Texans 11, Jaguars 20: Fourth Quarter Live

The game is drawing to a close as we've hit the fourth quarter at 20-11, can the Texans see it out?

Texans Bench Brock Osweiler, Tom Savage In At QB

Osweiler was pulled after throwing two interceptions in the first half against Jacksonville.

Texans 5, Jaguars 13: Third Quarter Live

The players are back out on the field for the third quarter with the score at 13-5. How will the second half go?

Texans 0, Jaguars 0: Second Quarter Live

It's the second quarter at NRG as the Texans take on the Jaguars, with the score at 0-0

Texans-Jaguars Live: First Quarter

A postseason that includes the Houston Texans is tough to imagine if they lose to the Jaguars today. Talk about what's happening on the field as it transpires in Battle Red Blog's live open game thread for Texans-Jags.

Street Clothes Special: Texans-Jaguars Inactives

So, erm, some Bulls and some Kittens shall matchup on the turf at NRG. But some of them will be resting on the sidelines. Which ones? Find out here.

Countdown To Kickoff: Texans-Jaguars

We’re welcoming the Glitter Kitties into NRG this afternoon. We have red, white and blue glitter to celebrate. Join us.

2016 Week 15 Infographic: Texans vs. Jaguars

The Texans come face to face with jungle’s fiercest creature.

Whitney Mercilus Out For Jaguars Game


Pre-Game Recon (Texans-Jaguars Preview): Gus Bradley Is Doomed

Jacksonville desperately needs to clean house, according to most Jaguars fans.

Texans-Jaguars Preview: Five More Things To Watch For

Matt Weston gives you everything you need to watch for when the Texans continue to tumble their way towards a division title.

How To Watch/Listen/Stream Texans-Jaguars

The Jaguars visit NRG Stadium this week. Here's how to catch it.

Battle Red Balls: Jags-Texans

The game hasn’t even been played yet, but we’re handing out game balls on BRB.

Original 2016 NFL Power Rankings: Week Fifteen

Matt Weston ranks all 32 teams,and specifically focuses on the Packers, Ravens, Broncos, and Chiefs.

Jaguars-Texans Predictions

See how the BRB staff predicts the Houston Texans’ Week 15 divisional tilt against the Jacksonville Jaguars at NRG Stadium.

Texans-Jaguars Game Watching

Texans fans talk about what they’re doing when the Jaguars visit NRG Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Thursday Night Football: Rams v. Seahawks

It’s Thursday night, which means it’s time for football.

Texans-Jaguars (Part II) Preview: Four Things To Watch

Another week and another divisional rival. Here's what to watch against the Jaguars.

BRB Ministry of Information’s Preview: Jacksonville Jaguars

This is the only objective preview of this week’s matchup against the Jaguars you will find anywhere on the planet.

You Knew Brock Osweiler Had Played Poorly, But This Bad?

Thanks to The Big Lead and Pro Football Reference, we have a little historical context with which to evaluate the Texans’ quarterback this season.

Battle Red Newswire: December 15, 2016

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Thursday, December 15, 2016.

Should The Texans Pursue Michael Floyd?

The Cardinals released the 2012 first round draft pick today. With all the injuries the Texans have had at wide receiver, should they try to add Michael Floyd to the roster?

Houston Texans Sign Two Players To Practice Squad

With the recent rush of practice squad promotions, the team had two spots to fill, and it did so today.

This Week in BRB Group Think - Fixing the Offense (With a Caveat)

The debut of a weekly-ish post tapping the BRB staff for a relevant question of the week. First up - fixing Houston’s near-unwatchable offense, with an important caveat.

Houston Texans Podcast: SWEEP, SWEEP, SWEEP

LIVE at 7 p.m. CST, Matt and BFD review the Texans' sweep of the Indianapolis Colts and preview their matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

2016 NFL Power Rankings Round-Up: Week 15

Houston is inching closer and closer to winning the AFC South for the second consecutive season.


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