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Texans Clinch Playoff Spot With Steelers Loss

Confirmed: The Texans will be playing football in January.

Pittsburgh Steelers v New Orleans Saints Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

By virtue of the Steelers’ 31-28 loss to the Saints in Sunday’s afternoon window of games, the Texans have officially clinched a playoff berth.

The Texans had four possible scenarios this week to clinch a playoff berth. Two went out the window yesterday when the Titans and Ravens won their respective games. Then, the Texans had the chance to take the matter into their own hands with a win today. However, a 32-30 loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia prevented that.

The final opportunity for the Texans to clinch a playoff berth this week came in the late afternoon hours when the Saints knocked off the Steelers in dramatic fashion.

This means, regardless of what happens next week, the Texans are in the NFL Playoffs. The absolute worst case scenario, if the Texans lose to the Jaguars at NRG Stadium, would put the Texans in the second Wild Card spot as the sixth seed in the AFC.

A win next week will clinch the division and at least one home playoff game, but a loss will push the Texans into the #6 slot unless the Titans and Colts find a way to tie.

Congratulations, Texans Nation! The NFL Playoffs have come back to town!