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Week 16 2012: Vikings v. Texans--The Battle of the Guys Who Should Be MVP But Won't Be

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CST Tonight!

You're sick of your family anyway, right? Let's get back to football and ignore those suckers.

Texans Playoff Scenarios

Believe it or not, even the egg the size of Texas the Texans laid yesterday will not keep them from playing in the postseason.

Is Arian Foster's Irregular Heartbeat A Concern?

Of course it is. But how big a worry is it really?

Hair of the Dog: Oops, Fall Down

Hair of the Dog: The Texans played like a team that has nothing left to play for as opposed to one that had a chance to secure home field advantage. Let's relive it!

SNF: Open Thread

Talk Niners-Seahawks, or just continue the discussion about the Texans, in this open thread.

NFL Open Thread: Late Afternoon Games

Keep the football talk going in this open thread for the late afternoon games.

Texans vs Vikings Post-Game Thread

Well, that sucked. Share your misery with others here.

Texans-Vikings Open Thread

Share your thoughts in real time as the Texans host the Vikings in Week 16.

Counting Down To Texans-Vikings

Another blessed Texans Sunday is upon us. Share the joy here.

SNOT: Katy Would Destroy San Dimas

BRB's Saturday Night Open Thread is back in business, and it knows what you're doing, you Katy Tiger fan, you.

Pickin' Winners and Eatin' Wings, Week Sixteen

Charlie Brown, Obscure Roman Festival Days, and Tasty Wings, this post has them all...even a couple of picks too!

Texans-Vikings Predictions

I predict Adrian Peterson will not break Eric Dickerson's single season rushing record on Sunday in Houston. I am beyond bold.

Texans Daily Links: Doomsday Edition

Links about football and stuff.

Vote: Alfred or Marshawn?

Cast your ballot in this week's XFINITY poll.

Eddie Pleasant Promoted To Texans' 53-Man Roster

Jonathan Grimes' vacated spot is vacant no more.

BRB Live Chat: Now!

Hustle in and start chatting.

Spend Your Friday Night With BRB

Chatting, I mean. If you thought I meant anything else, you're sick, pal.

Texans-Vikings Game Watching

See what other Texans fans have planned for this weekend's festivities.

Jonathan Grimes Released

See ya, Grimey.

Rookie Review: Week 15

You might want to finish cooking that alfredo first. This Rookie Review is full of words.

Blueprint: How The Texans Stack Up With Minnesota

Battle Red Blog takes a look at Sunday's match-up between the Texans and the Minnesota Vikings. Can Houston slow down Adrian Peterson's historic run?

Battle Red Bag, Vol. 23


And Now A Special Offer From BRB Records

Operators are standing by...or they would be if this were real at all.

Texans Daily Links: 12/19/12

Links about football and stuff.

J.J. Watt Named DPOW for Second Time in 2012

J.J. Watt wins Defensive Player of the Week. Texans fans believe the award should be named the J.J. Watt Defensive Player of the Week Award.

Gary & Wade or Not Gary & Not Wade?

Gillette's debate series continues, and we ask whether you'd replace Kubiak today if . . . .

Game Capsule: Minnesota v. Houston

A look at what the Vikings and Texans are bringing into their matchup on Sunday.

Battle Red Radio: 8 P.M. CT!

Can anyone on the Texans stop Adrian Peterson? Does it matter if Christian Ponder can't complete a pass longer than 10 yards?

2DH: If I'm Wrong, The Survivors Can Mock Me

The hangover returns to battlefight the Mayans, willful ignorance, Elias, and other stuff.

AFC Playoffs: Week 16 Has A Tale To Tell

Taking a look at the various possibilities in the AFC Playoff picture as Week 16 gets going.

Kubes Speaks (12/17/12)

Take a gander at what Gary Kubiak had to say after his Texans won the AFC South again.

Texans Daily Links: 12/17/12

Links about football and stuff.


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