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Week 18 2018: Indianapolis Colts v. Houston Texans - The Rubber Match That'll End A Season

All of BRB's content leading up to, during, and immediately after the Texans' Wild Card game against the Colts in the 2019 NFL Playoffs.

Texans-Colts Review: Shallow Thoughts

A review of Texans-Colts, but with a slightly different spin on the article you’ve read all year.

Red Zone Play: Who’s To Blame For The Texans’ Crash Landing?

Will someone or several someones take the fall for Houston’s latest playoff disaster?

Houston Texans News: January 8, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Tuesday, January 8, 2019.

Incompletions: Texans-Colts (The Inevitable End To A Foregone Conclusion)

With so much to write and talk about after every game, and not enough time for one person to write about it all, the masthead joins together and writes about another early playoff exit.

Hair of the Dog Playoff Edition: Colts/Texans; or, That’s All Dogs!

For the last Texans game of the season, the BRB gang get together and react in real time to Saturday’s entirely-too-early playoff tilt.

2019 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Will Select 23rd

At least there’s a sliver of goodness from Saturday’s loss. I don’t know. I’m trying my best here.

Houston Texans News: January 7, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Monday, January 7, 2019.

2019 NFL Wild Card Playoffs Live: Eagles vs. Bears

The NFC takes center stage for the final wild card game of the weekend.

2019 NFL Wild Card Playoffs Live: Chargers vs. Ravens

It’s time for Day 2 of the Wild Card Weekend, and the Ravens take on the Chargers.

2019 NFL Playoffs Live: Seahawks vs. Cowboys

It’s time for the second wild card game of the day.

Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Colts 21, Texans 7

The 2018 season comes to an end for the Houston Texans.

Texans vs. Colts Wild Card Game Live: Fourth Quarter

It’s time for the final quarter between the Texans and the Colts.

Texans vs. Colts Wild Card Game Live: Third Quarter

The second half between the Texans and the Colts is about to kick off.

Texans vs. Colts Wild Card Game Live: Second Quarter

It’s time for the second quarter between the Texans and Colts on Wild Card Weekend.

Texans vs. Colts Wild Card Game Live: First Quarter

It’s the first quarter of this Wild Card matchup between the Texans and Colts.

Countdown To The NFL Playoffs: Texans vs. Colts

The Texans get ready to take on the Colts in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs.

Houston Texans Podcast: NFL Wild Card Round Preview

The 2019 NFL Playoffs are here. Cabs are here. Pod is here. Indianapolis-Houston, Seattle-Dallas, Los Angeles (C)-Baltimore, and Philadelphia-Chicago.

2019 NFL Playoffs: Texans-Colts Broadcast Information

Two AFC South rivals will square off in the NFL Playoffs for the right to advance to the Divisional Round.

Three Reasons Why The Texans Will Beat The Colts

Here’s why Houston can beat Indianapolis in the first round of the NFL Playoffs tomorrow.

Three and Out: Colts-Texans Wild Card Playoff Game Predictions

The BRB staff gathers to predict the outcome of Saturday’s Wild Card playoff match-up between the Indianapolis Colts and the Houston Texans at NRG Stadium.

DeAndre Hopkins, J.J. Watt Named To Associated Press NFL All-Pro First Team

These were no-doubters, but it’s still nice to see happen.

The Film Room: Deshaun Watson Is The Key To Houston’s Playoff Hopes

Matt Weston takes a look at the last month of Deshaun Watson’s season and why he’s the Houston Texans’ most important player this postseason.

Will The Texans’ Playoff Experience Guide Them To Victory Against the Indianapolis Colts?

Houston may not have the advantage on the line of scrimmage, but they do have the advantage in postseason experience.

Houston Texans News: January 4, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Friday, January 4, 2019.

BRB On Facebook Live: NFL Playoffs Preview

Come chat with us on the BRB Facebook page as we talk Texans and go around the NFL in preparation for the beginning of the postseason!

DeAndre Hopkins’ Hall Of Fame Season

The Houston Texans receiver is quietly becoming a G.O.A.T.

2018 NFL Power Rankings: The END Of The Regular Season

Matt Weston ranks the NFL teams 32-1 now that the regular season is over and the NFL Playoffs are set to begin.

Ka’imi Fairbairn Named AFC Special Teams Player Of The Month

Because recognizing the Texans’ kicker for simply a month’s worth of excellence in December ain’t enough.

J.J. Watt, DeAndre Hopkins Named To PFF All-Pro Team

A well-deserved honor for two Texans.

Houston Texans News: January 3, 2019

Your one-stop shop for Houston Texans, local sports, and news from around the league for Thursday, January 3, 2018.

Houston Texans Podcast: Never Hungover Again

Matt Weston and BFD review the Texans’ win over the Jaguars and preview the wild card playoff game against the Indianapolis Colts.

Houston Texans Injury News: J.J. Watt, Johnathan Joseph Expected To Play; Keke Coutee May Play

Here’s the latest injury updates for the Texans as the playoffs get ready to begin.

Recapping The 2018 Houston Texans’ Regular Season

An analysis of their impressive yet rocky season to date.

Red Zone Play: The Houston Texans Are In The Red Zone

How far can Deshaun Watson carry this team?


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